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Subject:	Meade Digital Series Telescopes
Sent:	Monday, June 27, 2005 11:29:02
From:	travis.whitlow@newarkinone.com (travis.whitlow@newarkinone.com)
I just saw the photo of the DS series telescope posted by Don Jones. If
this is all that came with Don's scope, it's not a goto. It's missing
motors, for one thing. Also, the Meade DS I bought came with a "hand
control", which isn't an AutoStar, just a "dumb" controller that allows
pointing the scope with four direction arrows at several selectable
speeds. Finally, they come with a battery pack, which also doesn't
appear in the photo.

The first thing Don might want to look at is if there's a panel on the
mount where the motors, power and controller all plug in. If there's no
place to plug things in, it's not a goto.

Subject:	Here is the web page for the DS replacment gears
Sent:	Monday, June 27, 2005 00:33:45
From:	bsquar (bsquarbynes@comcast.net)

Subject:	Confused
Sent:	Sunday, June 26, 2005 20:11:46
From:	image0@juno.com (image0@juno.com)
lWe have a DS2000 series Scope and need a cable to go to the PC The
Original software say's it moves the scope & Meade Confirmed it

We have been told buy 5 people that the 505 cable will work with the
DS2000 (or 2130 ) scope (meade even told me find it) But were lost..

We were on your web site and seen lot's of answers but we are still lost

Help Shed a little help on this subject..

PS Maby it's in your site and maby Not.. I'm disabled and need a little

                           Sincerly J Hunt  image0@juno.com
Mike here: If you have the Autostar #497 (has number keys on the keypad) then the #505 cable will work fine. You can either buy one or make it yourself (simple, see the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page). If there are no number keys then you may (or may not, I'm certain) be able to use the #506 cable with the DS model. But it is not easily made since it includes special electronics in the cable.


Second Try for your HELP !!

We emailed you and your response I thank you for...

We have the 494 controller with our DS 2130 Meade Scope ( key pad)

We bought the wrong cable in the internet last night 505

Thay said (at Meade ) Your need the 506 because the Electronics are in
the hand set..

I guess I have to shop for a 497 Hand paddle... or... buy a 506 cable

Or Make it ? ( we have 50 --50 in electronics work..

Thay told us at meade (today) if you put the Phone cable in the tripod
and go to the computer ( it wil short out)

Help !!   If you can           Sincerly J Hunt
Mike here: Getting the #497 Autostar and a #505 cable is the better solution as you will be able to update the Autostar software.


Realy sorry.. You said getting the 497  & 505 Would be the better bet!!
for updating the software... (in future)

We were sent the 494 paddle from Meade because Our's went bad and all we
wanted to do was control the scope from the computer.. (I'm disabled)

We now have a 505 cable coming for Ebay (but we have the 494 paddle] We
were told we can't find the 497 paddle and if we did we would pay

I'm so, dam confused Now  Help!

And Meade said cables for the 505 are obsolite and a keypad (your stupid
to buy..

Sincerly Joe    (PS Sorry for all the Emails looking for your help
Mike here: #505 cable and #497 Autostar are not obsolete. The #505 cable will not work with the #494 Autostar.


Which would you CHOOSE !! 

494 PAddle w/ order 506 cable   or
order 505 cable and as meade said" 150.00 for the padde... because we
have the 494

we paid 250 for the scope and meade said it was a (VERY LOW PRO_FILE
Mike here: Well, for longevity the #497/#505 would be best. The #506 cable will cost you less than the #497 Autostar but you might find a used one.
Subject:	Battery Pack for DS scopes
Sent:	Saturday, June 25, 2005 05:14:28
From:	Bob Rose (bobrose500@comcast.net)
To: Don Jones
The battery pack you are referring to holds 10 AA batteries. I have a
DS114 and in my opinion AA batteries are not sufficient to supply enough
amps through that long cord to supply the DS motors. What the DS scope
want is a good steady supply of 12 volt power. It is not that the DS
motors are power guzzlers; it is that in full speed slews the AA's are
maxed out. Anyway the power connector is a coaxial power connector 5.5mm
OD 2.5mm ID with center positive. Available at well stocked Radio
Shacks. See: http://members.aol.com/kewtasheck/pinouts.html A lot of
folks just get cigarette lighter adapter cords and use jump-start
batteries. You could also buy some of those battery holders for C or D
batteries from your nearby electronic parts stores and make your own
holder. 8 C batteries should give you around 40 hours, depending how
much driving the scope around the sky you do.

Happy Motoring.
Bob Rose

Subject:	Meade Digital Series Telescopes
Sent:	Sunday, June 19, 2005 13:03:07
From:	Don Jones (dsj12@yahoo.com)
Hi! I saw your web page and have a question and appreciate your help. I
have bought a DS-70 Meade Digital Series Refractor. It says it is
compatable with the Autostar hand contoller. Do I just have to buy the
hand conroller to make everything work? which hand controller? I have
seen both #494 and #495 listed? There is nothing else in the way of
control box, battery etc I would have to have?  Thanks for your
Mike here: The #494, #495 (discontinued), and #497 all work. Your best choice is the #497 since it is user upgradeable and the #494 is not. However, if you can find a #495 you can upgrade it via software to a #497 using a computer and a #505 serial cable (which you can buy or make yourself). Your computer will need a serial port or you will need a USB to serial converter. The Autostar gets its power from the telescope so no extra batteries required.


Thank you Mike for taking your time to write today. This is my first
telescope(I am a senior) and see the possibility if I like it, then I
would want to upgrade. I can get the 494 or 495 pretty cheap off eBay,
all I want to do is be able to find things in the sky. The 497 is much
more expensive, if I use one of the others, won't it do what I want now
and the later spend the money on total upgrade?  Thanks...Don
Mike here: The #494 will certainly do what you need for the DS-70. It has a smaller database but that won't be a problem given the smaller size of the DS-70 telescope. If you want to control the telescope with a computer you will need the more expensive #506 serial cable (which can not be easily made) so you might want to factor that into your decision.


Thanks Mike you have answered my question Have a nice Day!  Don
a 497 controller for ETX, will it also work on a DS?  Thanks..Don
Mike here: yes


One more question please. I see pictures of a square battery pack that
apparently attaches to the telescope and have seen them on eBay. I do
not think mine has this, here is picture of what I have.  Don

Mike here: While I'm not that familiar with the DS models I suspect the external battery pack is used to power the drives for tracking and slewing.
Subject:	Meade DS 114 with AutoStar
Sent:	Sunday, June 5, 2005 05:40:43
From:	The Love Family (love@gamewood.net)
I just purchased a DS 114 and am disappointed with the focusing
mechanism.  I know the control knob moves the lens in and out to focus
but it is difficult to fine tune.  The eyepiece actually moves up and
down when you reverse directions with the focusing knob.  Is this

I also purchased a Barlow doubler but cannot get a clear image using it.
It will just not allow me to get a sharp focus.  Any suggestions?


Mike here: I'm not familiar with the DS models so hopefully someome with that model will respond when I post your comment on the next Site update. As to the Barlow Lens, you didn't say what eyepiece you were using it with and whether the resulting magnification approaches or exceeds the theoretical maximum magnification for the telescope (see the FAQ page if you are uncertain how to determine the max magnification). It is also possible that the Barlow Lens you purchased will not work with the DS model and that eyepiece. You may need a DS model compatible one.
Subject:	"Flight to the Right" workaround Meade DS127 mount
Sent:	Friday, June 3, 2005 23:44:08
From:	Jackie Masters (jmasters2@cinci.rr.com)
The 30 November 2000 posting on this subject was of immense help to me -
thanks for saving my sanity - it made no sense as to why the autostar
would automatically undo my centering of the object a few seconds later
- now I know how to fix it.

I had to do the training trick (underdo the second half of the training
- i.e., bring the object only about halfway back to center on the second
half of the drive training routine) on the altitude as well.  This is
because I found a way to significantly reduce backlash on the altitude
part of the mount by epoxying the star lock washer to the adjacent
washer that has the tabs to fit into the grooves of the main screw. 
Thus, tightening the altitude knob more securely locks the gear through
the lock washer to the screw.  Loosening the knob still completely frees
the gear allowing for free movement of the altitude adjustment.  Less
backlash means that the autostar overcorrects on object centering unless
you use the training trick.  With this improvement, I am able to
successfully use this DS127 mount for my Meade AR5 refractor OTA, which
is a fairly heavy scope.  Thanks again for this site.

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