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Subject:	re: Age of ETX 125
Sent:	Monday, March 20, 2006 21:36:27
From:	richard seymour (
I'm aware of two ways to tell the age of an ETX.

For the ETX125, the forks became filled with metal
structure (compared to the older plastic forks).
If you prowl Mike's Telescope Tips page, you'll
see a number of articles about disassembling
the "new" and "old" forks.  Probably by simply
removing the metal disk under the "Dec Clamp knob"
you can see enough of the structure to make a guess.

The -second- way is worse: on the back of the -inner-
"rear of the OTA", my scope had a date written in
crayon or chalk.
Reaching -that- required removing the screws on
the back of the mirror cell such that the entire
optical tube could be pulled forward.  This also
requires removing the focuser knob, which in
turn means DO NOT POINT THE SCOPE DOWN!!! or the
sliding mirror cell may pull the focus shaft into
the OTA (And out of reach...).

have (careful) fun
From:	Bruce Brooker (
Hey thanks guys, I just received my scope today and I removed the metal
disk under the Dec Clamp Knob and low and behold  it revealed a metal
bearing.Hey Mike when did Meade come out with the UHTC? Looking the
scope over after I removed it from the box there was the little UHTC
sticker along the bottom of the OAT. The guy who sold it to me never
mentioned it had the UHTC applied.BONUS!!!One question I have though is
when I took it out last night to play a little(dont have a tripod
yet,orderd from Meade  #884,should be here soon) I noticed that when I
would focus the image would shift a litt bit in the this normal
in the 125 'cause my 90 never really does that.If its normal or not is
there a way to correct that?Also the focus seems to be a little more
touchy than the 90.Is this also normal?Any input would be great.Thanks
Mike here: I believe UHTC surfaced in late 2001 or early 2002. Some image shift is normal with the design but it should not be significant. It it is significant then the telescope may be out of collimation. I'm not certain what you mean by a "touchy" focus but remember, you have a longer focal length telescope now.
Subject:	Age of ETX 125
Sent:	Thursday, March 16, 2006 19:12:39
From:	Bruce Brooker (
I'm the proud owner of a ETX 90EC and I'm in the market to move on to a
125.I have a chance to purchase a used 125....according to the owner the
scope has seen about 3 hours of starlight and is about 2-3 years old.My
question is ... is it possible to really tell the year of the scope just
by pictures alone.I've inclosed as attachments(hope they come through)
the pics of the scope.What  has got my attention is the little yellow
dot between the two threaded inserts for the table top tripod legs...any
ideas?Did Meade ever put something like this on their scopes because my
90 has nothing like it. Also what has got my attention is the style of
threaded insert nuts where the table top tripod  screws into.My 90 I
bought back in 2000 does not have that style.If possible could you tell
when this scope was made?Any input you might have would be great! THANK
YOU for you time...Bruce Brooker   P.S. GREAT SITE>>>THANKS FOR THE HELP




Mike here: No, you can't tell the age from the photos. My 1999 original ETX-125 does not have the large knobs for the tabletop legs nor the yellow dot. I don't recall seeing either on later models.


what year did meade start the 125 run...could it be possible that this
scope is older that your original purchased 125 in 1999?Down to brass
tacks my question is what is the oldest this scope could be?He sent pics
of the box and it shows its an EC...I just want to make sure hes telling
me the correct year.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TIME!  Bruce Brooker

P.S. oh yea...the photo shows a bracket for a rigel finderscope..looks
like a peel and stick type bracket...would I be able to remove this
without ruining the finish on the OTA?


Mike here: Meade released the ETX-125EC in May 1999. Mine is an original model. The original EC model came with the standard EC handcontroller; the Autostar #497 was an optional purchase. As to the Rigel QuikFinder mount, it just double stick but depending how long it has been attached you may or may not be able to cleanly remove it. Do NOT use any harsh cleaners in an attempt to remove it. Just try to soften any residue with water and perhaps a mild soap (but not window cleaner).

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