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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade DS telescope models. Accessories and Feedback items appropriate to the ETX models are posted on other pages as appropriate. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	cable
Sent:	Tuesday, May 28, 2002 23:36:11
From:	gkollias@aktor.gr (Giannis Kollias)
I wonder if you know were is the positive pole of the ds 125 ec
andapter. I have a few adapters in my drawer and i want to be sure
whitch one should i use with my telescope.
Mike here: The central pin is probably positive; it is for the ETX models.
Subject:	re:12v AC adapter for ds-114
Sent:	Tuesday, May 28, 2002 15:10:01
From:	KrikorAzar@aol.com
I found the info I needed from your archives this weekend. It's from
Radio Shack and it's a 12V/1500milliamp adapter.

Your archives are loaded with other info.


Subject:	DS114 won't align
Sent:	Tuesday, May 28, 2002 4:27:32
From:	wilhelmn@ozemail.com.au (Wilhelm Nienhaus)
Are you saying that I should be able to move the tube while the gears
are engaged? In other words should I have the clutches just slip when
pushing the tube around? I sure tightened the buggers as good as I could
when I first set the telescope up. The Az drive wouldn't quite move the
telescope other wise and I was afraid of loosing alignment everytime I
touch the focuser. I've now loosened the screws and I can move the tube
manually. It is also moving when I use the Autostar. But I have the
feeling that its somewhat stick-slipping when moving.

Geeeee, I thought the operation was XOR, either manual or Autostar
depending on whether I fully loosened or tightened the screws. How can I
be sure now that I don't misalign the scope when I focus or
accidentially touch the tube? Or is that "tough luck"?

Well I just did another Calibrate, and Train with the loosened screws.
Now my Acrux single star alignment is moving from North (home), through
East to about 320 degrees, at a second try, it moved to 370 (1full +
10deg), then twice to about 350deg with one star alignement on ACrux.
All that's Northerly again, whereas Acrux should be southerly (I've got
an overcast sky today so I cannot see any real stars to be more

Any other ideas? Cheers,

Mike here: The tube will move by hand if you push on it while the locks are engaged. That's not a normal thing to do (nor a good idea); use the controller to slew the telescope. You'll get the hang of what is the proper tension on the locks. If the telescope moves smoothly using the controller then you should be OK. If it slips or doesn't move (as though there is not enough friction on the lock), tighten the lock a little more. Again, don't overtighten them or you can damage them. If it doesn't move when tightened, then back off the tightening a little bit. As to the Autostar, are you CERTAIN all the parameters are correct, including the Site location? If so, perhaps you Autostar is hosed; can you update it?
Subject:	re: 12V AC Adapter for DS-114
Sent:	Monday, May 27, 2002 23:21:37
From:	Raymond.Barbour@za.didata.com
To:	KrikorAzar@aol.com
What I've done for my DS-127 is I bought a sealed lead acid battery and
charger. These together cost me less than R200 (about $20). I then took
the existing DS battery pack and wired the battery terminals to the
battery pack. The polarity is marked quite clearly. I can now run the
scope for a couple of evenings before needing to recharge so it is great
for remote sites too. The battery is a bit smaller than a brick. I
prefer this to an AC adapter as there is no worrying about dew getting
into extension leads.
South Africa

Subject:	instruction manual
Sent:	Monday, May 27, 2002 14:55:10
From:	candelaria_rosa@hotmail.com (Candy M)
hello  I am looking for meade telestar 114 AZ,D=114mm,F=910mm,f/8 manual
for a telescope I received  from a relative of mine, whom didn't have
the said manual, I  surely need any info to obtain the manual...

any help would surely be appreciated........................thank you.
Mike here: If you call Meade they will likely send you one for free.
Subject:	12V AC Adapter for DS-114
Sent:	Sunday, May 26, 2002 13:18:31
From:	KrikorAzar@aol.com
I have a Meade DS-114 and want to hook my Autostar to the house current.

Mease has been out of stock on its 12V AC adapter for months and will be
for several more.

I want to buy a third party adapter but don't know the milli-amps for
the adapter. If any on has one, could they e-mail me the milli-amp of
their adapter. It should be right on the socket.


Mike here: I don't know the precise power requirements but 500mA works (barely) for the ETX models. Maybe 1000mA would be better.
Subject:	Re:  Meade DS-2130ATE
Sent:	Friday, May 17, 2002 2:15:07
From:	mikeadkins57@hotmail.com (Mike Adkins)
Well, we are returning the scope and he's going to issue a refund..  He
won't refund the shipping, $35 or pay for return shipping..  so I guess
$50 is a resonable price for nothing..

I wouldn't even have bothered bidding on it if it hadn't been for the
fact that it said "Brand New Mint in the Box" etc..... and this wasn't
damaged in shipping either...  The Star Locator software was missing
(I'm sure some postal worker opened the box and took it)..  The was a
dent on the tube (not bad, just noticeable).  and I probably could've
fixed the motors..  I could hear them running when I pushed the < > up /
down buttons..  BUT, that wasn't the point.  When I buy something that
says "New" I don't expect to have to repair it..  I did setup the scope
and look at Jupiter and got some fair viewing.. New tried out the
electronic eyepiece or anything...

I may still get a new scope, but I'll go somewhere reputable this
time...  That way I know exactly where to return it if it's broke..  Any
suggestions on a good scope??  I mean, yeah, Meade DS-2130ATE is a
pretty good one, but I don't think I can afford full price for it.. $300
may be the limit..

Mike here: Glad this story has a happy ending. As to newer scopes, there are many possible choices. The ETX-70AT (if you don't want a lot of aperture or focal length but get computerized tracking and GOTO), the ETX-90RA (if you don't need computerized tracking and GOTO but get a reasonable aperture and good focal length), or perhaps a Dobsonian (lots of aperture for small cost but limited mounting/tracking abilities).
Subject:	Meade DS-2130ATE
Sent:	Thursday, May 16, 2002 7:37:17
From:	mikeadkins57@hotmail.com (Mike Adkins)
I guess I should've listened when I read somewhere on your site not to
buy those telescopes off Ebay..  Well, I did...

Advertized as "Brand New"..  Not!! a few dents on the tube, but it was

What really frustrated me was the fact that one of the motors wouldn't
even work..  When I tried to align it using the Alt-Az alignment, the
scope would go up but never left or right...  Several attempts..

the < > arrows wouldn't even work it manually.. the others did, well,
kinda..  you could use the up button to raise it but when you tried to
lower it, it would stop...

Lesson learned:  If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is...

p.s. good stuff on your site..  I'm just a beginner..

Thanks, Mike A.
Richmond, VA
Mike here: Sorry to hear about the lesson you've learned but where do things stand now?
Subject:	DS-2114 AC Power Supply
Sent:	Tuesday, May 14, 2002 10:07:41
From:	aottens@chem.ufl.edu (Andrew K. Ottens)
I would like to run a DS-2114 using a 120V wall outlet.  I checked your
website for information, but did not see any direct advice for how to
hook-up a DC 12V power supply to this model.  I thought to take a 12V
wall-plug power supply (I had a 1A supply already), and wire it to the
batter plug (the standard 9V battery terminal inside the telescope), but
was concerned that the supplied voltage would be too erratic and
potentially too high with the unloaded voltage reading 17V (reading
through the ETX feedback and tech tips, it looked like an over-voltage
might cause adverse effects).  I next thought to use a 9V DC supply that
when loaded to 200mA outputs closer to 12V, or to wire in a 12V voltage
regulator.  Any suggestions/comments; I noticed that you don't have much
experience with the DS series, but I figured I'd ask anyways?
Mike here: I don't have ANY experience with the DS models.
Subject:	DS-2130ATE reviews
Sent:	Sunday, May 12, 2002 5:45:23
From:	socrfan@worldnet.att.net (socrfan)
You mentioned reviews of the 2130. One site I found is at:
I've got one but with nothing but cloud cover here in Ohio the past
couple weeks I haven't had a chance to try it out. What I have read
about it says it's a great scope to use especially if you don't want to
invest a fortune in the hobby.

Subject:	New Meade ds-60
Sent:	Friday, May 10, 2002 10:53:23
From:	SouthPaw803@cs.com
I recently purchased a Meade DS-60 Refracting Saturn telescope for
$150.00.  I bought this as a gift for someone that is just starting with
astronomy.  My question is, was this a good purchase for a beginner or
should I be looking at something else?  Any comments or suggestions
would be greatly appreciated.  
Mike here: I have no experience with the DS models. As to whether the telescope will meet their expectations, only they can determine that. Small telescopes tend to NOT meet expectations as new amateur astronomers expect to see more than a small telescope can deliver. But it can still be a good starter telescope as long as the user doesn't get frustrated with the limitations vs expectations.

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