Last updated: 3 May 2002
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Subject:	Autostar #494
Sent:	Friday, May 3, 2002 3:33:46
From: (Simon Perry)
I've an ETX 70-AT and an Autostar #494 with cable, and was wondering if
it was possible to control using Skymap Pro8 (which I have just bought).
I believe that I can use a #497 Autostar with the 70-AT and drive that
from Skymnap, but don't want to upgrade the handset if I don't have to.

I've tried contacting Skymap direct but Chris Marriot is on hols at the
moment and no-one else there can answer the question!

Hope that you or someone else who uses your wonderful site can help.


Simon A. Perry
Mike here: According to the review on the Accessory Reviews - Software page, it will work with the #497 so it will probably work with the #494.

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