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Subject:	ADVICE!
Sent:	Wednesday, May 28, 2003 07:48:28
From:	mark@caz45.fsnet.co.uk (Mark TORLOP)
Can i please ask for some advice?I have a DS2114ATS Meade scope and have
bought a few extra lens,and although i have only viewed the moon with
them i do not seem to be having much luck,and wondered if you could give
me some good advice? The moon is fine when i use a 25mm lens,but i
cannot focus with a 2x barlow lens or with a 4mm or 6mm plossle lens.
Are these lens o.k. for my scope , and  can i not focus on the moon
because it is too close,or for some other reason? Thanks again Mike, 
Mike here: The distance of the Moon is not the problem but the Barlow Lens might be. Some telescope/eyepiece/Barlow Lens combinations won't work as a focus can not be achieved. You might need a "shorty" style Barlow Lens.
Subject:	ds-127-ec
Sent:	Tuesday, May 27, 2003 15:27:46
From:	liebnera@yahoo.com (Liebner anthony v zyl)
Hi I hope you can tell me how to use the Auto Star because I am still
having troubles of using it. The point is that I live in the Southern
Hemisphere and was wondering...  if  u line up the Telescope to the
North if it will have the same influences as in the northern Hemisphere
because my telescope doesn't want to line up properly if its pointed

thank you...

Mike here: There are several Autostar alignment tips on the Autostar Information page; see if what you need is there.
Subject:	re:  Motor run when power is applied
Sent:	Tuesday, May 13, 2003 22:20:36
From:	rseymour@wolfenet.com (Richard Seymour)
To:	DrkxRiDeR@attbi.com

The cycling on and off is the same thing you get if the drivers
in the Autostar aren't  talking (open collector output).
If you open the autostar, there are tiny black rectangles near 
where the cable connector is soldered to the board.
Those are feed-through inductors, and one may have "opened" like a fuse.
Test each tiny part with an ohmmeter to verify they still have
zero resistance (touch the probes on each side of each part,
don't necessarily try to cheat by locating a remote alternate contact,
unless you're used to doing this).
If you find that one or two are "open", then they can be replaced by
a bridge of wire.

At worst, a source of inexpensive autostars is 
scopehed@earthlink.net (William Vorce)

I expect you will see the same actions of your motors if you
power up without -any- autostar connected.
Don't throw it away, it's still a good source of spare parts.
(or could be sold on eBay)

good luck

Subject:	Motor run when power is applied
Sent:	Sunday, May 11, 2003 15:36:58
From:	DrkxRiDeR@attbi.com (Donald Reed)
My name is Don Reed. I am doing a DS Autostar conversion, ala Steve
Bedair on my 10" dob, but I have a problem. I'm hoping that you or Dick
have a solution to it . The other day I was testing the mounting of the
az motor and unplugged the power adapter from the control panel in mid
slew. Now when I plug it back in both motors run and cycle on and off. I
have tried resetting the handbox, calibrating the motors, and training
the drives. I think I might have fried the handbox, because the the
original one does work. Oh it's a #495 that doesn't. Any help is appreciated
                Thanks Don
Mike here: Doesn't sound good. I suspect the one Autostar is not happy, either because something is damaged or that the software is damaged. You could try loading it with the current ROM, which will replace the #495 code with the #497 code, effectively turning it into a #497.


I flashed it yesterday after I tried to run more tests on the az. No
change both motors still cycle on and off. Looks like Autostar is done.

Subject:	Meade DS-60EC
Sent:	Sunday, May 4, 2003 06:20:41
From:	mbarcher@mb.sympatico.ca (Marvin Winter)
Hope u can help me , I'm looking for a parts list for my Meade DS-60EC
telescope . I have tried finding it online with no luck , maybe you know
where i can find one .
Mike here: If you mean a manual, contact Meade; they will send you one. But if you mean a true "parts list" then I don't recall hearing of one.
Subject:	Autostar 494 or 493
Sent:	Saturday, May 3, 2003 19:04:11
From:	scottie@carib-link.net (Richard & Lori Scott)
Having (finally) figured out the right end from the other of the
telescope (I think the Meade instruction manual assumed a LOT of prior
info..), the problem I'm currently having is actually getting the
Autostar to work properly.  I bought my telescope from Radioshack in
Trinidad (where I live) and the info included was a bit
confusing.....one bit of info referred to an Autostar 494, the other an
Autostar 495...not sure which I actually got.

Anyways, put all together (how well I'm not sure), plug in the battery
pack and the Autostar read-out tells me there is a "motor failure" after
attempting to test the motor.   HELP!!!!

I need to be able to get beyond this to see if my Autostar can actually
find me a few planets to view.  Again the instruction manual is not all
that clear, at least not to me, and troubleshooting was not included.  
Can you offer any suggestions?
Mike here: You didn't say what model telescope you have but the Autostar 495 (which has been discontinued for quite some time) has a number keypad; the Autostar 494 does not. If you have the #495 you can upgrade it via software to a #497. Check the batteries; low ones can cause a MUF. Also, check the telescope model in the Autostar; do a CALIBRATE. For more info on the Autostar, see the Autostar Information page.


I have the DS-114AT with what I realise now must be the Autostar 495 and
492 motors which I suspect but have no way of establishing if they are
faulty. I',ve replaced the batteries, checked and tightened up the motor
connections but still can't get past the initialisation.  Whilst testing
the motors the telescope moves a bit vertically but not horizontally
then the "motor unit fault" error message comes on.  Don't know what
next to try.  Can you please help.

Thanks much
Mike here: Could you be overtightening the axis lock? If you get the MUF message when doing the CALIBRATE step then try a RESET, check the proper telescope model and mounting mode, then do a CALIBRATE. Let me know if these steps help.


How is reset done while the autostar is scrolling its message suggesting
what could be wrong.

Interestingly, I switched around the motors and now in testing the
motors the telescope moves horizontally only.  Do you think that this is
sufficient proof that one motor is faulty?

Thanks again
Mike here: After a power-on, just keep pressing the MODE key until you get to the Setup menu. And yes, you might have a defective motor.

And an update:

Hi Mike, just to let you know that it was a bad motor which Radio Shack
replaced and initialisation was achieved.   Thanks for your help.

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