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Subject:	ETX 70EC
Sent:	Tuesday, May 30, 2006 09:59:46
From:	David Van der Voort (
Wow- what a great site. I was out on Google looking for a replacement
mirror for my ETC 70ec and you were the first result. So I guess you are
the man to ask- where can I find a replacement mirror for my scope? The
one I have now looks like it somehow got a scratch. I tried polishing it
with a Qtip and a touch of water. It's definitely a scratch.
Any information you may have would be very helpful.

Mike here: Check Telescope Warehouse (link on the Astronomy Links page). Alternatively, contact Meade. I don't know if they will sell you one though; they would likely rather do the repair to ensure the optics are aligned.
Subject:	etx 70at focus problem. 
Sent:	Sunday, May 28, 2006 11:50:06
From:	Alex Fleak (
Hello and thanks for the great website. I am a recent owner of a used
70AT. I have a problem with it that I haven't found much help on. When
focusing I turn the knob one way and focus changes immediately then when
trying to focus back the other way I must turn several turns before the
focuser engages again. Is this a known problem with this model scope? Is
there an easy fix that a novice scope owner could do? I have been
googling for info on this but so far haven't seen anything about fixing
such a problem.

Many Thanks

Alexander G Fleak
Mike here: The ETX-70 model does take a significant amount of focus knob turning to change the focus. This is especially noticeable when changing eyepieces.
Subject:	Polar Alignment
Sent:	Sunday, May 28, 2006 11:11:59
From:	Cox SMTP east (
I have had the Meade ETX60AT for several years now and absolutely enjoy
it's portability. However, I did not like the stability of the standard

I recently found a Meade refurbished #844  deluxe field tripod ($60.00
incl.shipping and 1 year warr)  and I want to take advantage of the
equatorial capability. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to get the alignment
correct. I have the standard controller and I made sure POLAR was
selected for the mount. It is when I try to physically align the scope
per the instructions when things go wrong. (the instructions and
illustrations are vague at best) The hand controller says to rotate 180
degrees from the mechanical stop. I have rotated and rotated counter
clockwise until I am "Meade blue" in the face and my scope does not
appear to have any stops!? So when I try the "easy" align function the
only star it knows is Polaris. When it goes looking for the nearest
alignment star it ends up pointing below the horizon. (my x-ray vision
isn't as good as it used to be). I never had any problem with the Alt/az
alignment. Any insight?
Thank you,
Mike here: There are no hard stops on the ETX-70 model. So just place the telescope in the Polar Home Position and put the control panel on the west side.
Subject:	ETX-70
Sent:	Thursday, May 25, 2006 00:40:57
From:	JiY Oborn (
Our new ETX-70 repeatly reports : motor failure" during the moving or
the adjusting. Have you some experiences with this problem?
Jiri Oborny
Czech republic
Mike here: Are you saying that the error occurs during the alignment steps or just when GOTOing or slewing to an object? Some typical causes: low batteries (avoid using rechargeable ones), overtightened axis locks, not doing a CALIBRATE MOTOR, loose Autostar cable connection.
Subject:	ETX-80 tripod
Sent:	Sunday, May 21, 2006 16:50:57
From:	Scott Madaras (
I just bought an ETX-80 and find that the tripod doesn't have a locking
mechanism to keep the legs spread in the full open position. Any ideas?
Mike here: There is no "locking mechanism" that I know of for the tripod. There is only the accessory tray. I could be wrong though since I have no actually seen one upclose and am only going by the ETX-70 tripod that I do have.


Thanks. Do you have any trouble keeping the tripod legs firmly spread?
Mike here: Nope. They do collapse inward when I pick up the telescope but it is easy to spread them out again when setting the telescope back down. They stay spread then.
Sent:	Thursday, May 18, 2006 22:14:32
have the 882 tripod for etx 70, but how do i attach the hard plastic
holder to tripod? i believe i have to unscrew one of the tripod legs
then slip it on. am i right? tripod came with case with scope, but no
Mike here: It just snaps on. Place one side of the "clamp" on the leg and then with your fingers, gently and carefully pull on the other side to open it enough pass the leg and then let go.
Subject:	What is the diff. between 80AT-TC and 80BB
Sent:	Monday, May 8, 2006 13:10:41
From:	Mats Williander (
I plan to purchase an ETX-80. I find information about the ETX-80AT-TC
on Meade's website. And right now I found that one of their outlets, the
Discovery store
10000&storeId=10000&langId=-1&productId=59071) sell what they call
Does anyone know the difference?
BR / Mats Williander
Mike here: I believe the BB model includes a backpack carrying case (but I could be wrong).
Subject:	RE: ETX 80AT specifications
Sent:	Thursday, May 4, 2006 11:37:15
From:	Jon Skidmore (
Your site has been a really great help to me since I was pleasantly
surprised to receive an ETX80 from my wife for Christmas. Thanks for all
all you do.

Lynne was asking about the dimensions of the ETX80. Just measured mine
and I make it 46cm high and 23cm wide.

Not sure about the size difference between the 80 and the 105 that Lynne
has, but I can say that I picked up a 105 at my local astro shop a
couple of weeks ago and the weight of the 80 was a lot less than the
weight of the 105.

Hope this helps and thanks again.

Jon (Bristol UK).

Subject:	ETX 80AT specifications.
Sent:	Sunday, April 30, 2006 07:49:37
From:	Lynne Carter (
I am thinking of buying the ETX 70 0r 80AT for trips. I have an ETX 105
but I am looking for more portability and something that takes up a
little less space. I have checked the Meade site and it gives the tube
length but I need to know the toatal length with the forks and motor
housing included - do you know - or can you direct me to someone who
does? Is the motor housing the same size as my ETX 105? Yes, I know I
could check it out in the shops but the nearest supplier is two hours

I enjoy the website - thanks for running it!
Cheers from the UK Lynne Carter.
Mike here: Hopefully someone with an ETX-80 will respond with the measurement.

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