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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade Autostar Suite. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks. (The Lunar Planetary Imager, LPI, and Deep Sky Imager, DSI, are covered in the Helpful Information - Astrophotography area.)

Subject:	re: Autoguiding LXD-75 with DSI Pro
Sent:	Thursday, May 25, 2006 22:20:43
From:	richard seymour (
This is only a untested -guess-, but i suspect that the DSI
will only offer Autoguiding for a polar-mounted LX90
and for Autostar II models (LX200gps, RCX400).

If you have the original LPI.exe imaging program
from the older versions of Autostar Suite, it is
more willing to autoguide with the LPI and "lesser"
telescopes, such as my Alt/Az mounted ETX90.

Look under ProgramFiles/Meade/AutostarSuite/LPI
for LPI.exe, and double-click it to start it.

have fun


From:	SMY (
I know I've seen you can autoguide with either imager (I have both) with
an LXD-75, but what I'm suspecting is that this new software expects
that in order to autoguide, you'll need two imagers(both Meade) attached
at the same time. One to guide with and another to image with.  I can't
confirm this right now since my DSI is at Meade for warranty
repair(replace).  Once I get it back, I'll try it with both attached.
Thanks for your help.  I may call Meade this afternoon and if I get a
definitive answer, I'll let you know.


Subject:	Autoguiding LXD-75 with DSI Pro
Sent:	Wednesday, May 24, 2006 09:06:46
From:	SMY (
How do I get AutoStar Suite to allow my DSI to autoguide my LXD-75
mount?  The manuals breifly state that once you're connected to the
telescope "status data is displayed....whether your telescope can
autoguide or just track....if the telescope is capable of autoguiding,
Can AutoGuide will display."  I have a DSI Pro and an LPI imager which
both claim to be capable of autoguiding.  Once I'm connected (with the
DSI or LPI), my status box say "Autotrack only."  I have the buttons
enabled to "track here" and can see the errors in X-Y tracking
displayed, etc., but the scope/AutoStar suite does not make any actual
corrections.  Is this all that the #497/LXD-75" can do, just show you
the errors and you manually correct them with the arrows in the
'Guiding' section of AutoStar Suite?  If the LXD-75 "Can AutoGuide,"
what do I need to do to connect as autoguider?  Everthing seems to work
correctly, I can manually correct my errors with the "AutoTrack" and the
guiding arrows, but I really thought It'd make the corrections for me. 
I'm not really using the DSI for imaging although it does work ok, but
wanted the autoguiding capabilities for imaging with 35mm film and DSLR.
Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.
Steve Yeathermon
Mike here: Yes, it will autoguide using the LPI or DSI but I have not tried it. Have you enabled the network connection protocol in the Autostar Suite software?
Subject:	Meade Autostar Suite
Sent:	Tuesday, May 9, 2006 12:04:01
From:	Lynn MacCarty (
I haven't started using the Deep Sky Imager II yet but have been reading
the "documentation" on the Autostar Suite.

I was extremely dissapointed in the quality of the materiel, to say the

It is so full of gramatical errors and spelling mistakes that I am now
worried that the program may be as dumb as the writer of the

After paying so much money for the camera and the Autostar Suite I would
think that Meade would at least provide qualilty documentation.

Apparently Meade doesn't have a way to send feedback about the Autostar
Suite.  At least, I couldn't find a link to do that.

I sure wanted to vent my dissapointment but it looks like I will just
have to suck it up.....
Mike here: Yes, Meade's documentation does seem to not live up to the expectations provided by its products. However, the Autostar Suite is an amazing program (for one running on Windows...) for some of the magic it can perform (once you get past the steep learning curve). As to feedback to Meade, use and it will get routed to the right people.

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