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Subject:	DSX-90AT
Sent:	Friday, May 12, 2006 19:39:23
From:	saintreander2@aol.com (saintreander2@aol.com)
hello sir i have the Meade DSX90AT  telescpe and ordered some eye pieces
by phone i gave the guy the name of the telescope but i believe he still
sent me the wrong sizes could you help?
Mike here: Do you mean the wrong diameter eyepieces? Have you contacted the dealer?


yes today i resent and exchanged for 1 1/4 . thanks for replying,

ive marked your website any more suddestions for that size such as which
barlow would be best. i have 26mm 7.5 and 10 so far.
Mike here: The Meade #126 Barlow Lens (2X) is ideal for the ETX. But if you decide to get someone else's, be certain it is a "shorty" style. See the Accessory Reviews: Eyepieces page for more info.


let me know how to order it from you also id like wide angle
Mike here: I guessed you missed the NOTES paragraph on the ETX Home Page. I am not a dealer. As to some wide angle eyepieces, see the Accessort Reviews: Eyepieces page.


ok thanks for your help

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