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Subject:	ETX-70 and Barlows
Sent:	Thursday, November 18, 2004 11:57:14
From:	g0lws (
Meade do two short focus 2 * Barlows for the ETX range, the #124 and the
#126. They say the #16 can be used on any ETX. but the #124 is
specifically aimed at the ETX-70. Can you tell me what the difference
is, apart from price, please?

73s Andrew

P.S. Just realised you have sort of answered it in your feedback. It
looks like the #126 is OK for the ETX-70.
Mike here: Yes, it is OK but it is slightly overkill for the ETX-70. However if you plan to use it with another telescope someday, having the higher quality #126 (vs the #124) is certainly OK.
Subject:	Shipping weight and size for ETX-70AT
Sent:	Friday, November 12, 2004 10:09:15
From:	Ola Blideskog (
How much does a ETX-70AT with tripod weighs when shipped and how big is
the package? I have tried to find out this from other sites but no
success so far.

Thanks in advance, Ola
Mike here: I checked the Shutan Camera and Video site and it shows 9 lbs for the shipping weight. Scopetronix shows 11.9 lbs.
Subject:	Meade ETX-60 not working properly
Sent:	Friday, November 12, 2004 09:59:43
From:	Thomas Dorsey (
I have a Meade ETX-60 that I bought a few years ago, all worked fine
when I first got it, but after moving a few times, not my azimuth will
not work, ascension and declination works fine, but the telescope will
not turn left or right, I contacted Meade and they told mw to open the
telescope and make sure the belts were tight, as the telescope is
entirely belt-drive, but all I can open is a small 2" x2" door on the
bottom of the base, they even sent me a slam Allen wrench to loosen the
locking lever, this does nothing. Can anyone tell me how to check the
belts? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

T. Dorsey

Subject:	Should I purchase an ETX secondhand?
Sent:	Tuesday, November 9, 2004 12:30:55
From:	Kathy Halliday (VanDuzer) (
Hello  --  Interesting site, despite my being a complete novice at
telescopes!  I am wondering whether I should purchase a secondhand ETX
60-AT Astroscope for $200.  Do you need software with this telescope? 
(Vendor doesn't mention it in the ad.)  I don't see this model on your
webpage  -- is the 60-AT terribly out of date or of risky age?  Is $200
a reasonable amount to spend on a used telescope? What would likely have
been the original price of this model?

I've never used a telescope, but would love to learn more about the
heavens.  Many thanks in advance for any advice you care to offer.
Mike here: The ETX-60AT has been discontinued although it is still available from various outlets. There are comments about the ETX-60 on the "ETX-60, ETX-70" Feedback page. You will also find some reports on the Helpful Information: User Observations page. You can also search the site for "ETX-70"; you will get lots of hit. So, there is lots of info on the Site. HOWEVER, consider that you can get an ETX-70AT (the currently shipping model) for not much more money. And no, you do NOT need software to use the telescope.


Many thanks for your reply.  Perhaps I will wait until we come across an
ETX-70 model before we embark on night sky gazing in earnest.  I very
much appreciate your advice. Regards,


Subject:	124 2x Barlow vs 127 2x Barlow
Sent:	Monday, November 8, 2004 03:26:03
From:	Jim Morales (
I own an ETX-70AT and I would like to buy a Barlow lens.  Is there any
difference beteween the 124 2x Barlow versus the 127 2x Barlow?

Also, what is your take on the 128 3x Barlow?

Great site, very informative and useful!!!!


Jim Morales
Wellington, FL
Mike here: The #124 is a low-end Barlow Lens suitable for the ETX-70. The #126 is a higher quality one. I haven't tried the 3X Barlow Lens but reports are that it works fine on the ETX-70.
Subject:	RE: Fuzzy image in a 70AT
Sent:	Sunday, November 7, 2004 04:54:03
From:	Tom & Barbara Andrews (
Took the 70 to our local Meade technicians. Came the diagnosis that, at
some time in the past, the objective had been removed and replaced

Subject:	Autostar model # and/or which PC cable for ETX-60?
Sent:	Saturday, November 6, 2004 11:36:42
From:	Gareth S Bestor (
I recently picked up an ETX-60 scope from Goodwill [aside - it never
ceases to amaze me what people give away! :-)]. I used it to observe the
recent eclipse and seems to work fine, but regrettably it didnt not come
with the Autostar controller. I've done a lot of digging on the net, and
your site in particular, but I'm still not clear on which Autostar
controller I need to get for this model. Again, its the ETX-60, not
ETX-60AT - which controller will/not work on my model? The mount has
both the HBX and AUX ports. I'd also like to make/get a cable to control
it from my PC serial port. I've read of some folks frying their port by
building the wrong cable, and since I dont have or know which controller
matches my model (505? 506? 494? 497?) I dont know which cable I
should/not build.

If you or anybody can tell me what controllers and/or cable I can/should
use for this ETX model I would be very much appreciated. Thnx in
advance. And thanks for the great site - I'm reading up on eyepieces
before going out and buying a few.

 - Gareth
Beaverton, OR
Mike here: The Autostar #494 or #497 will work with the ETX-70EC model. Since you want to control it from a computer and make your own cable, you should get a #497. The cable you can make is a #505. Info on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page.


OK. So I take it there is no way to control the ETX *directly* from the
computer? ie you still need an Autostar in the middle due to the
proprietary interface on the base? I recall seeing some sorta "special
cable from Meade" that has active electronics in it - would that allow a
direct connection?

So is this the difference with ETX-nnAT base models - they instead have
a standard RS232 serial interface/protocol on the base?

Thanks very much for clarifying. I'll see if I can pickup an Autostar
somewhere (I expect it'll cost an order of magnitude more than I paid
for he scope in the first place! lol) Probably waiting for one ot show
up a Goodwill too is a tad optimistic.... :-)


 - G
Mike here: The Autostar is necessary for computer control. The #506 cable for the #494 adds some electronics for computer control. The #497 just needs a dumb cable. None of the ETX models have the control in the base. If you can find a #495 Autostar, it can be upgraded to a #497 via the software from Meade's site.


thanks a bunch!

Subject:	Meade etx 70
Sent:	Thursday, November 4, 2004 18:13:49
From: (
Hello, My name is Tim and I'm writeing you because I have no where else
to turn. I recently bought a Meade etx 70 used with a celestron 9mm
lens. My question is , the instructions I downloaded for my telescope
from Meade says to install 3 pin light batteries but I have a hook up
for a 9 volt? When I hooked up the 9 volt I have no sign of life on the
Autostar control? Can you give me any help.... as you can tell I'm new
to the telescope adventure.  Thanks for your time Tim
Mike here: The ETX-70 actually uses 6, not 3, AA batteries. You should have received a battery pack where the batteries are inserted. This pack connects to the ETX via that connector where you are attempting to use a 9V battery.


Thanks guy! You have a great site and have answered many questions. Tim

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