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Subject:	eyepieces
Sent:	Friday, November 25, 2005 17:59:05
From:	thebostons (
If you were given a choice of three eyepieces to purchase to use on an
ETX 105 what would your choices be? Of course, the ultra expensive are
out of the question but I'm prepared to pay in the $150 to $250 range. I
already have the Meade 4000 Super Plossl series that came with the scope
and the special package that was offered for $99.00 three years ago. the
6.4mm is almost unusable for me. I get a blur and it's like I'm, looking
through the eye of a needle to find my target. I would want them to be
for low magnification/wide field views, medium power and the highest
power that will give good results on this scope. Price is an object but
I want good quality visuals. Your professional opinion will be greatly
appreciated. Respectfully, BBoston
Mike here: It sounds like you need some wide field eyepieces. Perhaps what you should do is check the $99 set and decide what focal lengths you like. Then you will have an idea of what focal lengths to get with the new eyepieces. Check out the Accessory Reviews: Eyepieces page for some candidates. Remember, price is not always an indicator of how satisfying the views may be.

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