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Subject:	ext 125 OTA
Sent:	Tuesday, November 29, 2005 19:27:18
From:	email (
I am making some modifications to the focusing mechanism and new parts
for my EXT125 guide scope to eliminate all mirror errors.  How is the
back best removed?  Are the full diameter threads holding it to the tube
usually locked with sealant?  I have made a spanner tool but it did not
budge with reasonable force.  Doc G's site shows a smaller EXT apart. 
Are they the same construction?

I appreciate your advice, and offer thanks in advance for your reply.

Chris Willingham
Mike here: I haven't disassembled the 125 but it should be essentially the same.
Subject:	Short barlow necessary for ETX 125?
Sent:	Wednesday, November 23, 2005 09:49:23
From:	David Hanych (
I'm thinking of buying an ETX 125AT. Do I need a shorty 2X Barlow or
will non-shorty Barlows work too?

David H
Mike here: To ensure proper focusing with the most eyepieces, a shorty model is needed.
Subject:	Electronics shot, etx 125 still my favorite
Sent:	Sunday, November 20, 2005 15:09:30
From:	dan hester (
Well, It's been a long time since I wrote the site because after two
years, I finally gave up.  I just could not keep my etx 125 up and
running.  I didn't have any problems for a couple of years, but motor
faults, shorts, and other electronic problems finally shelved my etx.

Last week I made a decision...send the unit back to Meade again...or
take more drastic measures.

I took down the unit off the shelf, got a hacksaw and went to work.   I
cut off one side of the mount , pulled out all the gears and stuff until
I had a perfectly good ota.

I found some tube rings from my orion 120, which I had been using and
built them up on the inside until the etx fit perfectly in the mounting
rings. The right angle viewfinder was shot...I took the orion viewfinder
and cut a piece out of the dew shield so that it would not rest on the
mounting rings and put the ota on an equatorial mount.  It works great
with a motor drive.  I admit it looks a little odd, but what the I have those first class optics in the back yard again.  It's
good to be back on the site again...even though I won't be reading up
much on the autostar or electronics that do seem to plague the best
telescope I ever owned.   DAn

Subject:	ETX-125  solutions (cases) for airline travel, carry-on? checked?
Sent:	Sunday, November 20, 2005 13:16:02
From: (
I have a 2 year old ETX-125 that I would like to have travel with me.  I
have read your feedback about cases, and did not see that anyone had
addressed their actual experience with carrying the telescope on air
trips.  It seems that the Meade case (#775) is ill-regarded by your
correspondents, and looks a little big for the modern standards for

Have folks gotten some of their case solutions -- soft or hard, specific
or jury-rigged -- into the air cabin, or sent them through checked
baggage safely?

Please advise.
Mike here: I did a search on "airline case" from the ETX Home Page and got several articles; one references a comment on the JMI ETX-125 case.

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