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Subject:	Observing aid-Planetarium-Palm IIIc -Great at the scope
Sent:	Monday, November 14, 2005 04:46:38
Been well over a year and still use the Planetarium Program with a small
but older model Palm IIIc, nice pleasing color images, gives sky in
real-time, great for checking alignment stars..

On using the ETX90 some of the brighter alignment stars can be
confusing, the Planetarium program has all the brighter stars listed,
touch any star on a constellation and gives its Name(s)..

Also all the Messier and brighter NGC'S, even lists the periodic comets
and asteroids..

Carry it with me all the time to prepare for the next outing, a super
portable item..

Even has a Red display to keep your night vision.. well thought out

Use low light level setting and charge lasts over 30 days ..

Found my PDA Palm (used) for just over $50 with charger, Palm program is
around $29..

If you want portability, absolutely wonderful...

BEST WARREN Sterling, Illinois ..<>...

Subject:	Error com port
Sent:	Thursday, November 3, 2005 16:02:45
From:	Jeff Nash (
Your friend Jeff Nash here!
I was just reading in your "Astronomy Software Feedback" for Sept. 2005.
Subject: Error com port
Sent: Saturday, September 17, 2005 10:09:16
From: Jeff Henry (
Oh my, I sure hope you can help me.
I had what sounds like the same problem. It is the IOGEAR driver itself!
What Jeff Henry needs to do is go to this IOGEAR page to find out what driver
he needs (if it is a newer adapter like mine he will need the "42" adapter).
Then go to this page to download it.
The one I have works just fine now.
Hope this helps.
Talk to you soon,
Jeff Nash

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