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Subject:	Drivers for Meade ETX-AT70
Sent:	Wednesday, November 15, 2006 23:43:36
From:	J.Latumahina (
My name is James Latumahina.
And i live in the Netherlands.
Hopefully you can answer my question.
Since almost a year ago i have bought a Meade telescope.
This telescope came together with the autostar # 494 and software Meade
"Cartes du Ciel" and a installation manual. I have still a communication
problem between the pc ( laptop ), and the telescope after the
installation from the telescope and the software. So i have seen an
artical on the internet that the problem comes from the cable connection
between the pc and the telscope. So i have bought the special original
cable. This cable came with the software for Meade ETX-60AT and
ETX-70AT. After installation  i have still a problem with the
communication between the pc and the telescope. First i runs OK but
after one or two minutes, the communications stopped by it self. I think
that te reson is "freeware software" but i am not sure about it. Can you
please help me with my problem.
Thank you very much in advance.
Best Regards,
James Latumahina.
Mike here: Could be several causes but if you want to try different software, check out Scopedriver and Astroplanner (see the Accessory Reviews: Software page). It could also be some other Windows application, typically fax software, grabbing the serial port. So check for such a conflict. Lastly, are you using a real RS-232 serial port on your computer or a USB-serial adapter? If using USB, see the article "AutoStar and USB" on the Helpful Information: AutoStar Info page; not all USB adapters work well with the AutoStar. It could also be a loose cable connector; check for depressed or bent pins on the jacks and plugs.
Subject:	ETX125 software
Sent:	Sunday, November 12, 2006 13:50:05
From: (
Nice pics of the Mercury transit...
Someone mentioned to me a program called The Sky Level III.  He did not
give me much info on it except to say it is powerful.  I looked on your
site and the only thing I found was The Sky for pocketpc.  I am
wondering if you are familiar with this software and how it would
compare to Starry Night Pro and Meade's autostar suite?
Thank you for your time..
Mike here: There are several applications mentioned on the Accessory Reviews: Software page. Many, including The Sky, which I have not used, are very good. But there are freeware, shareware, and commercial applications that you could consider. Which ones you consider will depend on your needs. If you already have the AutoStar Suite you may find it satisfies your needs.

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