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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade ETX-125EC. Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX and DS models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	Buying an ETX-125EC
Sent:	Saturday, October 26, 2002 15:28:32
From: (Nitay M.)
My name is Nitay, and I'm from Israel.
I'm new to the telescope buisness, and I'm looking for an ETX for sale.
I've found an ETX 125 at 2900 shekels (about $600), but I'm not too sure
if the price is right... The guy on the phone told me it's extremly
cheap, because importing one on costs a lot more. I'm supposed to meet
him soon to take the scope for a "test ride".

What do u think? Is the price really as good as he tells me so?

Thanks a million!

BTW: Your website is absolutly AMAZING. Really. It's the best i've seen
about the ETX!

Subject:	ETX-125EC 
Sent:	Wednesday, October 23, 2002 9:06:32
From: (Edelmann)
I am happy (I think) to report that I switched my allegiance from the
LXD55 8" SN to the subject scope.  I ordered the 8" reflector in Sept.,
but by now, it's original ship date (11/10) has slipped to Feb/Mar 03.

Plus, I've been increasingly concerned that the size of the thing might
detract from my ability to use it effectively... SO....

for just a bit more, I have the UHTC 125 model on order... due first
week of December.

Assuming I'm "okay" initially with NOT using a tripod, and simply
setting it on a suitable level spot, am I going to be totally perplexed
using it that way, or will I survive?

It amazes me that the cost of the thing ($990 incl the UHTC) is so much
more for this 5" than the 8" SN, which INCLUDES autostar and the LXD55
mount....!    I hope the difference is not merely in it's portability
and utility for terrestrial use as well....!

If you have time for any idle thoughts about this, I'd be happy to hear
from you.  Thanks...

john edelmann
Mike here: The telescope optical design, tube, and mounting are obviously different into the two models. That's the source of most (if not all) of the price difference. The SN has a shorter focal length and is an f/4 system so the views will be different from the longer focal length ETX-125EC. Whether that will make a difference to you depends upon how you plan to use the telescope.
Subject:	Meade Telescopes
Sent:	Sunday, October 20, 2002 15:45:27
From: (Scott Levengood)
I am seriously considering purchasing an ETX-125EC telescope.  But,
after  adding up the cost of the Meade ETX-125EC with all of its
accessories, I found the total nearly amounted to that of the 8 inch
LX200GPS.  Would a ETX-125EC with all of the accessories be able to
acomplish more than the LX200GPS?  Which of these two telescopes would
be the best purchase?

Thank you,

-Scott Levengood
Mike here: Which would be the best purpose for you depends upon how you want to use the telescope. The ETX-125EC will be more portable than an 8" LX200GPS. The 8" will have more light gathering power, provide more details, and allow higher magnifications than the 5". Also, since you indicated you were adding accessories the ETX-125EC, what happens to the LX200 price when you add those same accessories (or at least the ones that are applicable)?
Subject:	What tripod for ETX 125 ?
Sent:	Friday, October 18, 2002 11:51:52
From: (Jan Damhof)
I'm planning to finaly buy a ETX125.( my first real scope ) There is
just this tripod Question i'm not sure of.

What tripod will fit best, the #884 or #887 ?

The meade #884 looks fine and mobile but I'm worried that it is a little
unstable for a ETX125, especialy when it is used for polar alignment. On
the other hand the Tripod Advanced Model #887 seems to be a little big
to carry around an to put away. Second I like the idea of observing
seated one's in a while, and I'm not sure if this is possible with #887.
I have to say that the ETX125 looks "HOT" at this picture.. .

This one is polar alignt, is it the #889 adapter that make this possible
or do you need an extra an adapter to get it polar alignt on the #889
tripod ?



Groningen, The Netherlands
Mike here: The #884 works fine for most situations. The #887 (not 889) comes with the wedge and is more stable (if my memory serves as I don't have either).
Subject:	RE: Focus Fix
Sent:	Wednesday, October 16, 2002 4:50:20
From: (Dino1)
Thanks Mike for getting back so quick. My scope is actually one of the
"New" ETX 125EC model with ballbearings, and cast aluminum forks.
Autostar works well, I also did the degreasing outlined on your site
(Awsome Site!)scope is 99% acurate now-no slipping. I will check out the
"Image Shift Fix" you outlined and let you know how I make out.

Thanks again Mike, Dean
And an update:
Getting back to you on the problem I was having with my focus shift.
Well...I FIXED IT! The problem was the focus shaft was not completely
seated in the slot on the back of the main mirror, and the spring needed
a little more tension. It was really easy to fix, but involved removing
the optical tube from the forks, then removing the focus knob and cover
on the back of the tube, Then make a pencil mark on the tube and cover
so that you can line up the allen screws on the back cover.Then
carefully unscrew the OTA from the back plate, exposing the main mirror,
this exposes the focus shaft on the back of the main mirror. DO NOT
TOUCH THE MIRROR in any way. I then inspected the focus assembly. I
noticed that the focus shaft was not fully seated in the slot on the
back of the mirror, I also noticed that the spring did not have enough
pressure to keep tension on the shaft. This was probably causing the
extreme shift. Screw the focus shaft in twords the mirror until it
becomes un-threaded from the back plate. Carefully lift the main mirror
off over the baffle, the focus shaft should come with it. I then removed
the focus shaft (it slid right off because it was not "snapped" in the
groove on the back of the mirror). I then slid the spring off the focus
shaft and stretched it just enough to give a little more pressure. I
then 'snapped' the focus shaft onto the back of the main mirror plate
and started re-assembly. When it was all back together I noticed the
slop in the shaft had disappeared, and felt a little stiffer. I then
went outside and checked to see if the image shift was any better then
it was when I took it apart. I set the scope up on the picnic table and
focused in on a distant street light, to my surprise, as I was focusing
the image shift was gone, 100% difference.

Mike, now that this is fixed, I have one other question that you could
answer for me.

When removing the main mirror with this fix, did I mess up the
collimation? I did not touch any of the adjustment screws on the back
plate, I put everything back the way it came out, carefully marking each
piece to line up the way it was originally.

Thank you again for all your help,
Mike here: Glad you got it solved. And you may or may not have messed up the collimation. Try a "star test".
Subject:	ETX vs LXD?
Sent:	Tuesday, October 15, 2002 20:08:47
From: (Dr. Michael M. Cohen)
Wondering if you can briefly compare ETX-125 with LXD55 SN6? Is the
image quality in the same ballpark?

ALso, would you say that the UHTC is worth the extra price?

	Thanks, MMC

=   Dr. Michael M. Cohen              = 
=   Program in Experimental Psychology                               =
=   429G Social Sciences II                831-459-2655 VOICE        = 
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Mike here: I have not looked through the LXD55 SN6. Yes, the UHTC seems to be worth the cost, according to reports.
Subject:	Focus Fix
Sent:	Tuesday, October 15, 2002 10:10:43
From: (Dino1)
I was observing Saturn last night (beautiful) through my ETX 125. Using
the 26mm eyepice to center the planet, I then increased the mag. using a
12mm eyepice with 2x shorty barlow. When I go to focus the object jumps
out of the FOV, I know that there is supposed to be some jumping because
yuor moving mirrors, but this is so extreme, I am constantly using the
autostar controller to correct the centering, and frankly... is quite
irritating !

I also noticed that the focus shaft is very sensitve, I can move obects
all around th FOV without much effort (just touching the focus knob). I
was wondering if is possible to fix SOME of the play so that the problem
is not so significant. I have also sent an e-mailed to Clay about this

With the knowledge that you guys have maybe you have a solution.

Thanks Much, This site is the best and most iformative !

Mike here: That image shift does sound excessive. If you have one of the originally shipped ETX-125EC models you should contact Meade. There was a problem with the initial shipments that they corrected (back then). Alternatively, take a look at the article "ETX-90 Image Shift fix" on the Telescope Tech Tips page; it may or may not help.
Subject:	 a shoulder to cry on!
Sent:	Monday, October 14, 2002 16:36:02
I 'm not sure why I'm writing this to you,but maybe you can give me some
sort of input.I haven't been using my Meade 125etx much.Maybe a couple
times this past year.Last time I used it,I ran into a problemmwith my
Meade auto-focuser not working.Meade sent me a new standard hand
controller to replace the old onw , where the suspected problem was. Now
the scope's clock drive system is not working.I called Meade tonight and
will be shipping it out to them.This troubleshooting service is costing
me $75.00. I'm really bummed,and I guess it just felt good to tell
someone I trust.(or at least someone who's website can deal with such
problems!). Have you heard of any problems such as mine??Do you think
faulty wiring or solder joints are the culprit here???I'm just really
Thanks for putting up with me and my tears,Mike!!   
Talk to you later!                    Bob Derouin,Johnston,RI
Mike here: Sorry you have had some problems. Unfortunately, there could be many sources of the drive no working right. You've probably gone through the troubleshooting Q&A with Meade and they determined that a repair was necessary. So, without knowing that Q&A I really can't offer any advice. Let me know how it goes when you get it back.
Subject:	ETX-125EC
Sent:	Tuesday, October 1, 2002 10:56:30
From: (Schilling, Henry)
I have started using my new (used) 125. Just a comment. The first time I
used it I got the dreaded "Motor failure" error on the autostar. I
though, this is great but did not give up. All I did was loosen the
tension on both the axis's a little bid and it worked fine. The 125 is a
big difference from the 90.  thx   Mike   hjs

Henry J Schilling
Mike here: Overtightening is a bad thing. Glad you got a better "feel" for what overtightening is as a result of this. Good tip!


I really got the tip from your site plus it just seamed to labor just
before the error. On my 90 I have to crank them down pretty good or it
will slip. Every scope is different. Have a great time at the star
party. I sure wish I could go.   hjs

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