Last updated: 31 October 2004
This page is for user comments on Astronomy software for the PC, Macintosh, or Palm OS systems. Items that are more "review" oriented will be posted on the Astronomy Software Reviews page. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Mike here: Carina Software has finally released their Mac OS X version of Voyager III. Version 3.75 is a free upgrade from 3.6. If you have not been contacted by Carina Software, contact them. I will update my Voyager III comments as soon as I can get to it.

Subject:	Astro Software
Sent:	Saturday, October 30, 2004 08:58:00
From: (
I would like to share with you a software program for the budget minded.
The program is called Earth Centered Universe.  It functions well with
most telescopes and is quite versatile.  The graphics are simple but the
catalogs are in depth and can be updated.  I'm not sure if it will run
on Mac or any palm, that will need to be checked out.  If anyone wants
functionality without spending $100 to $200 for a astronomy program,
then Earth Centered Universe might be the program for them.  The website
is  I should tell you that I own an ETX125 and use
this program and am very satisfied with it.
Mike here: It is Windows only.
Subject:	Re: EXT Telescopes
Sent:	Tuesday, October 12, 2004 06:51:25
From: (
Many thanks for the info, my ETX 109 arrives in a couple of weeks
complete  with a LPI.  Will I be able to run this on my Mac?  Nobody in
this country seems to know!

Many thanks

Mike here: See my article "Autostar Suite on a Mac" on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page. Depending upon your Mac model you may or may not have success.
Subject:	EXT Telescopes
Sent:	Saturday, October 9, 2004 08:58:36
From: (
I am told that all the computer software for using the EXT range of
telescopes has been written only for Windows.  Is this true?  If so do
you how can Apple Mac users
(and there are plenty of us about) get in on the act.

John MacLaren
Mike here: The software that Meade supplies is only for Windows (i.e., for updating the Autostar). However, there are ways to use their software on Macs; see the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page for a couple of articles. Also, there are many applications for controlling the Autostar that DO run on Macs. [I use a Mac.]

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