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Subject:	Need eyepiece recommendation for a White Tube ETX125
Sent:	Wednesday, September 28, 2005 20:29:26
From: (
I finally completed restoring my ebay white tube ETX125TB OTA to
telescope duty. It doesn't have a flip mirror assy & I need
recommendations on what eyepieces would be appropriate for it.  I know I
will need a 90 or a 45 degree piece and an assortment of eyepieces but
what about a focuser or barlow? The primary mirror already has a focuser
but should an additional one be added for fine tuning?  In what order
does everything go if there is a diagonal, a focuser a barlow and
different size eyepieces?  As you can tell I am a total newbie here and
really need to join a club or something but until then...halp and thanks
for this great resource, Mike!

Mike here: The ETX uses the moving primary mirror as the focus mechanism. You could either use that with a fixed eyepiece or since you have to add an eyepiece mount anyway you could add one that focuses instead of using the moving mirror to focus. A diagonal may or may not be necessary although that would be easiest to find. The ETX ships with a 26mm eyepiece but any focal length around that will be good for starters. Once you have checked out the optical quality you can look at adding more.

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