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Subject:	Comments to John Di Natale's 'First Scope Question' in DSX section.
Sent:	Thursday, October 19, 2006 09:52:59
From:	Nunez, Eduardo (Eduardo.Nunez@delphi.com)
Comments to John Di Natale's post:

The DSX-90AT at Sam's - $239+tax in El Paso, TX - includes the #497
Autostar and the Autostar software suite.  The DS 2114 at Walmart has
the #494 Autostar, don't know if it includes the software suite.  They
both include 2 eyepieces (26 and 9.7mm and 25 and 0.7mm, respectively),
the same tripod and mount, same finders.  The Walmart website also has
the DSX-102AT-TC (Mak-Cass) for $400+tax with #497 Autostar.

Costco is selling locally a DSX-102AT refractor using the same DSX
mount, tripod, finder, #497 Autostar, etc, for $246+tax.  This is not in
their website but they do have some Bushnell reflectors there.

Further research has determined that the OTA used in my DSX-90AT is NOT
the same OTA used in the ETX-90.  It is the same Mak-Cass design but
appears to be the same OTA as used by Eclipse in their Makview4 - a
Chinese made unit which did not get a great review in Astromart.  Maybe
early versions of the DSX-90AT used the ETX OTA but the ones out now do
not.  That being said my OTA is very good.  It is collimated correctly,
has very smooth focus action with very little image shift, and so far
has exceeded my expectations of such a low cost scope.

The DS mount, the tripod and the finder are another story.  The mount
has a lot of 'slop' in it, the tripod is not a very steady platform, and
the finder is useless at night on any target besides the Moon.  I am
working on making my mount better through information on this site and
others, as well as some ideas of my own.  The tripod will be replaced
with a home made portable pier, and my finder will be replaced with a
better unit soon.

I prefer the Mak-Cass design so the DSX-90AT is a better choice for me.
The low price at Sam's Club sealed the deal for me.  The #497 Autostar
and software suite were another deal maker for me.  I think the #497 is
easier to do more with, has more features than the #494, and it just
looks cooler with more buttons ;)  The DS 2114 maybe a better scope - in
light gathering ability at least - than the 90AT though, I can't say for
sure.  I believe that the OTA's in these DSX units are all Chinese made
and probably sourced from a supplier other than Meade to keep the prices
reasonably low.

Looks like there are at least a few choices in the $250 to $325 range
for a GO-TO scope.  To me these are all good starter scopes, especially
one can deal with the quirks in the DSX mount/tripod combo, and have
your choice of optical system design.  One can also look at online
sources (eBay, Cloudy Nights, Astromart, etc.) for used equipment with
more capability for a bit (it is all relative) more money.

Ed N.

Subject:	First Scope Question
Sent:	Saturday, October 14, 2006 21:56:58
From:	JOHN DI NATALE (johndignut@verizon.net)
Came across your website while trying to learn which is a better choice
for my first scope. Currently, these two are available locally:

1) DSX-90AT, Sam's Club @ $256

2) DS 2114, Walmart @ $320

Obvioulsy not a big price difference, but after reading the specs, I'm
still unsure which is the better bet. I'm new to this and have little
prior experence with any of this type of equipment, although I'm an
engineer, so I do tend to figure out technical items fairly easily.

Thanks for your help - Dignut
Mike here: As you have seen from your research, the telescope optical designs are different. But generally you want as much aperture as you can afford. That said, the DSX-90 uses the same OTA as the ETX-90, which as you can see from the reports on my ETX Site, performs really well for its size. But I suggest you read through the Helpful Information: User Observations page for reports on both the DS and DSX telescopes as well as the ETX-90.
Subject:	Pictures of rear of  DSX-90AT OTA
Sent:	Friday, September 29, 2006 12:57:11
From:	Nunez, Eduardo (Eduardo.Nunez@delphi.com)
Here are two images of the rear of the DSX-90AT OTA.  The third image is
a close up view of the focus knob and the hole where the set screw is.



Ed Nunez

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