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This page is for user comments and information specific to the new Meade ETX-105EC. Comments on accessories and feedback items appropriate to other ETX models are posted on other pages. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks.

Subject:	Orion - Shorty plus barlow
Sent:	Monday, September 23, 2002 19:15:46
From: (Julien Lecomte)
I was wondering if the Orion Shorty plus Barlow could be used with the
ETX (I have a 105).

Has anybody tried it? This 3-element air spaced apochromatic Barlow
seems to be better than the Barlow provided by Meade for the ETX
(2-element achromatic Barlow).
Mike here: A "shorty" Barlow Lens should work fine. Search the Site for "shorty" and you'll find several user comments.
Subject:	re: ETX 105 and the grease problem revisited.
Sent:	Monday, September 9, 2002 1:18:43
From: (Richard Seymour)
G'day Philip,

You asked:
> Can this grease be the problem again?

Yes... it gets thrown by  the gears and ends up in nasty spots.

> How much does Meade use for goodness sake? 

Too much... but it helps quiet the drives.

This time, ask to watch while the dealer cleans it...
if it's only the base (Azimuth) which has the problem,
it's fairly easy to dig into it yourself, once you've seen how.

good luck

Subject:	ETX 105 and the grease problem revisited.
Sent:	Saturday, September 7, 2002 7:12:20
From: (Philip Regan)
G'day all,

I am 3 months into the relationship with my 105 and it is becoming more
of a coat stand than a telescope. You know when you are sure you've got
a lemon... that new toy that just gives you a niggling problems from day
one.... well that's the story of my ETX-105. Straight out of the box,
plugged in and set up in a matter of moments. I was sooooo keen to get
it fired up. Struggled with the WARNING and how to turn it of but other
than that it was pretty easy. Or so I thought. To cut a very frustrating
and long story short I had the guy that sold me my telescope come around
an check ME if I was defective first. No major problems there.. as far
as astronomy goes that is. What was happening was it would overshoot
each time you slewed around to the next star.. each and every star by
about the same distance. My trusty retailer who is also a great
telescope technician identified and fixed the problem in a day and I was
up and running again. The offending gear grease was removed from the
decoder wheel he said, and all was working. Now 2 months later and it is
doing the same thing again. A new moon, the southern hemisphere sky
above featuring a very bright Milky Way and once again no Go To
function. For the last 2 nights I have been frustrated with myself
thinking that it was my incompetence at identifying stars that was
bringing me undone. Palm Pilot, Laptop and star chart in hand and I am
1000% sure that I am hitting the correct stars right in the centre of
the eyepiece. Can this grease be the problem again? How much does Meade
use for goodness sake? I hope to sort this out early next week with my
favorite retailer but it has severely dampened my enthusiasm for this
well researched and seemingly well made Telescope. What is next.... who
knows... and I didn't even tell you about the thumb print on the flip
mirror when I opened the box for the first time... just my luck eh?!

Philip Regan MDesSc(Illum), MIES(Aust & NZ)
Mike here: Sorry about the problem. Lack of use can also cause problems (your "coat stand" comment) since the grease is not continuously distributed. Sometimes just slewing the telescope in all directions from stop to stop several times can eliminate this problem. Also, reTRAINing the Autostar can help anytime you suspect GOTOs are off.


retrained it just to make sure just before I wrote the piece and it made
no difference. I had it out on every weekend night and at least once a
week night after Michael fixed it but it has been a problem for 2 weeks
(hence the coat stand comment) I am only tonight absolutely sure it is
the grease problem because I tried a terrestrial target and it fell
short in one direction after setting it up only 30 seconds before. It
didn't go straight back to it and in the other direction it missed by
twice the distance. Alt is spot on... absolutely dead centre... I wish I
could open it up myself without voiding my warranty.

Philip Regan

Subject:	ETX 105 Focusser
Sent:	Wednesday, September 4, 2002 22:35:39
I posted a report on this on Mike's site, probably in February or March.
After several emails and phone calls to Meade, they agreed that the 1244
focusser does not fit the '105, and that (for the time being) there was
no work around. The appeared to remove the reference to the 1244 from
the web site.

Unfortunately, I can't offer a better solution that to suggest you
return the focusser to your dealer for a refund. You could purchase a
flexible extension, which is a workable alternative. Meade _may_ release
an electric focusser for the '105 - but you'll need to join the queue

Clearest skies

Bruce Dickson
South Africa
From: (Philip Regan)

I have also had the same problem with a genuine focuser which was sold
to me with assurances it would work but didn't. The store happily
refunded my money but it hasn't fixed the rather sloppy focusing system
that is very very fiddly to get right. I'm sure everyone has this
problem and I am equally sure that the electronic focuser would have
been a solution.. Oh well... back to the drawing boards..

Philip Regan

Subject:	ETX 105 EC - declination axis blocked
Sent:	Tuesday, September 3, 2002 13:04:51
From: (Julien Lecomte)
Hi, I recently purchased a MEADE ETX 105 EC and I think this telescope
is wonderful. I just have a problem that happens sometimes. The
declination (altitude) axis blocks at about 70 degrees in elevation. It
can't reach the zenith. Last time, I opened the fork, moved the
telescope a little bit, put everything back in place, and the telescope
was then free to go to the zenith. It happened to me again last night,
and I don't know what to do. Has anybody encountered this problem
Julien Lecomte
From: (Clay Sherrod)
If he is using in Polar mode, it could easily be set up backwards and
get this same result and actually have nothing to do with a problem at
all....just the hard stops.

however, there is a distinct possibility that a small screw has come
loose inside the fork arm....several of these have been reported.  That
could get jammed in the trunion swing assembly and tie things
there a sound? Turn the scope upside down and listen to what is heard.

More information is really necessary to diagnose this problem,but this
could really be nothing more than a glitch in home position and setup
resulting in the hard stops being out of position.

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatory
Thanks for the information. I'm using the ETX in alt-az mod and I can
hear a little sound when I move the tube up and down. I will open the
fork arm tonight and look if I can see something...

Best of luck....sounds like a small part floating around in there.  
Please exercise caution concerning the delicate wires and circuit board.


Subject:	ETX 105EC Electronic Focuser Question
Sent:	Monday, September 2, 2002 15:13:42
From: (Eve Steigerwalt)
I have very much appreciated your web page while becoming familiar with
the 105EC.  I've owned my telescope for about a year, and this summer
decided to get the Meade #1244 Electronic Focuser.  I saw the
installation warnings on your site - thanks! - and I had no problems
with the installation.  However, the focuser did not work!  The gear in
the box did not meet the gear on the focuser rod, and it was off by a
good bit.  After I held the gear box loosely in the right position, the
gear box successfully turned the gear on the focus rod.  Has anyone else
had this problem?  Did I just get a badly manufactured part, or is this
symptomatic of the #1244 when used with the 105EC (as opposed to the
90EC)?  I want to know whether to just exchange this for a new one, or
go with a different electronic focuser.

Thank you very much for any help you can give me with this.

Eve Steigerwalt

Subject:	Check Mount Warning on ETX 105
Sent:	Sunday, September 1, 2002 08:06:03
From: (Mike & Pat Kavenagh)
My wife has an ETX-105, which initially worked quite well.  We are now
having a problem every time we try to do the initial two star alignment.
Every star we go to generates a "Check Mount" warning message.  We have
replaced the batteries and retrained the AutoStar system.  We also
conduct an initial setup were we rotate the scope on its base to find
the stop and rotate back to the "Computer Control" panel on the base. 
Any ideas as to what is going on?  I checked the FAQs and ETX 105
feedback archives without success.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as my wife is getting discouraged.


Mike Kavenagh
Mike here: For starters, do a RESET and CALIBRATE on the Autostar. Then do a TRAIN DRIVES. Be certain that the Autostar is set for the ETX-105 (if a newer verson) or ETX-125 if the 105 doesn't appear in the menu. If that doesn't help, try changing the power source (batteries to AC, or vice versa, or even a different type of battery: rechargeable vs non-rechargeable).

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