Last updated: 30 September 2003
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Mike here: Just posted today (30 September) on MacInTouch on a new Astronomy page (

From: Jeff Phillips
I have this e-mail regarding a Mac version of Astrostax:

Yes, but it will take a few more months before a fully working version will be ready. You can subscribe to a newsletter or follow the Astrostack forum, to keep yourself informed.

Robert Stekelenburg

This ETX site even got mentioned. Thanks Chuck!

Subject:	Space Explorer
Sent:	Wednesday, September 24, 2003 07:03:43
From: (Keith Ellington)
Hi.....I was just wondering if Space Explorer that I received with
another telescope would work with the autostar and the ETX-90 EC
telescope. Or is it the same software that you would receive with the
cable and software bundle for the autostar controller? Thanks
Mike here: Personally I'm not familiar with software called Space Explorer but if you have the #505 cable you can try.

And an update:

Sorry Mike....that was Space Explorer actually does work since I
updated the autostar...I had a problem with the ETX-90 slewing in the
wrong direction without the update. Once I updated the firm ware it
worked perfect...thanks for the reply. And thanks for having this
awesome site on-line....lots of good info.

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