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Subject:	ETX 105 UHTC circuit board replacement
Sent:	Monday, September 26, 2005 07:25:57
From:	Ray Hill (
I purchased an ETX 105 in the UK back in November 2004 and was assured
by the supplier that problems with the unit were rare and that it was
usually the circuit board that would be the cause of any fault and could
easily be replaced by sending one in the post,this was important to me
as I was retiring to live in Spain The unit has now gone faulty the
motor drive will not move to the left horizontally the unit is still
under warranty I have been in touch with the UK distributor as the
supplier has now ceased business and he tells me that it is probably the
circuit board but I will have to send the unit back to the UK as they
need to basically replace the motor gears and circuit board  the cost of
sending the unit and its return is prohibitive

My question to you is should I be able to change just the circuit board
myself I am sure the board is the problem as one of the little chips on
the board appears to have a burn mark on the top of it and apart from
movement left it works fine and at all speeds Is the distributor right
in saying that everything needs replacing surely it cannot be that
difficult to just change a circuit board

I look forward to your answer as I have been thrilled with the ETX in
general and this has really put a downer on things

Ray Hill
Mike here: Yes, you can swap out the circuit board, if you can get one.
Subject:	Re: Which Meade Electric Focuser for ETX 105
Sent:	Saturday, September 24, 2005 12:50:25
From: (
Thanks again.  The situation is certainly confusing and inexcusable on
Meade's part in my opinion.

I ordered the 1244 from ScopeTronix and will return it if it doesn't
fit.  I'll keep you posted on the outcome.  Maybe my experience can be
helpful to others.

Mike Boyd

Subject:	Re: Which Meade Electric Focuser for ETX 105
Sent:	Monday, September 19, 2005 17:27:27
From: (
Thanks for your quick reply!

I found a March 2002 post from Marc (Wales, UK) saying that he had also
contacted ScopeTronix tech support on this question.  ScopeTronics
contacted Meade and their response was that the #1244 was being
redesigned so that it will fit both the 90 and 105. Has anyone out there
tried the redesigned 1244 on a 105 and has it fixed the problem?

Thanks again.

Mike Boyd
Mike here: While it is about a year old, you might want to see the article "#1244 Electric Focuser Mod/Info for ETX-105" on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page. As to the current (ie, 2005) model of the #1244, one hopes that Meade has gotten it to work with the current ETX-105 models.
Subject:	Which Meade Electric Focuser for ETX 105
Sent:	Monday, September 19, 2005 12:51:34
From: (
I want to order an electric focuser for my 105.  Earlier posts on your
site say the the Meade #1244 focuser, which Meade claims is for both the
ETX 90 & ETX 105, does not work with105 and you need to use the #1247
(the 125 focuser) instead.  Other posts say the 1247 won't work either. 
I asked the Scopetronix tech support folks about and they were not aware
of this problem and suggested going with the #1244.  Can your shed any
light on which I should order?

Thanks for your help.

Mike Boyd
Mike here: Meade still says "#1244: for ETX-90 or -105 models; #1247: for ETX-125 models."
Subject:	A question about ETX 105
Sent:	Tuesday, September 13, 2005 02:14:57
From:	emmanuelle (
My name is Emmanuelle. I write you from Paris. My boyfriend has a MEADE
ETX 105mm telescope and he has lost the notice and the 2 allen keys. So
I want to know if you know the size of theses 2 allen keys, because in
France I dont find its and I want to order its in a shop to the United
Thank you very much.

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