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Subject:	How to open a ETX 125 OTA?
Sent:	Monday, September 19, 2005 06:09:26
From:	Gabin, Roger M (
I bought an ETX 125 OTA on ebay. I was told that was used for optical
networking an as such it does not have the Meade plastic backpart or a
flip mirror and finally the main mirror is glued down to a fixed focus.
I was told that with a few hours of work I can cut out 3 dime size globs
of glue inside the OTA. HELP how do I open the OTA?

I also bought a Meade flip-mirror for a 2" eye-piece and have an
Aluminum adapter-plate made that works great.

Thank you for your time roger gabin :)
Mike here: See below for some info.
Subject:	re: Information needed on ETX-125 'TB' OTA
Sent:	Wednesday, September 14, 2005 20:46:17
From:	Richard Seymour (
The "TB" model was used in the TeraBeam "free space optical network"
system (now defunct), which had ETX125's shooting infrared lasers
between buildings in city settings.

The OTA was held in a completely different "frame" than the usual
fork, and could follow the swaying of skyscrapers in the wind.

I didn't buy one of these beasties, but i was aware of the usage
of Meade 125's (both companies issued press releases), and i've
seen the frame mechanisms on other eBay sales over the years.

If someone is selling an ETX125 with damaged mirror/corrector,
this should be able to "drop right in" to their fork and rear
plastic holder (since that's where the flip-mirror is, and is
where the usual rear port adapter is mounted).

have fun

Subject:	new etx125at !
Sent:	Monday, September 12, 2005 21:52:20
From:	howard pray (
Hi just a few words after i wrote to you the other day about buying a
etx125 at and asking you if you thought it was good? well just like you
said ! works great and i think its the best scope i have owned ,so far
so good . easy align -great so far ! just thought you would like to know. 
keep up the good work.I have gone to your site for a long time ,thanks

Subject:	Information needed on ETX-125 'TB' OTA
Sent:	Monday, September 12, 2005 10:56:16
From: (
Good morning. I'm an astro-newbie and purchased this ETX-125 model 'TB'
OTA on eBay. Now I need to talk to someone else who may know something
about configuring this very nice tube into a telescope.   It was
advertised as having been removed from a laser tranciever and only needs
to have some adhesive removed from the primary mirror to return focuser
to operation and re-collimated. Seller claims to have sold over 40 of
them with happy customers.  No neg feedbacks.  Looks like your basic
ETX-125 OTA and is marked that way on the objective ring and labeling. 
I took the plunge and have already learned how to remove the adhesive
without damaging the mirror. The hole in the end for the eyepiece
measures 1-1/8" ID ...maybe that's different from the standard AT model.
  I finally got through to Meade and the service rep. states to me that
these can never be used for astronomical use and for reasons known only
to him refused to answer any more questions about this particular model
at all. So I'm hoping one of the other 40 purchasers of  these tubes
visits here as well so we can share information with each other on this
one.  Thanks for a terrific site!  Gary

photo photo

Subject:	ETX-125: old or new?
Sent:	Saturday, September 10, 2005 21:30:04
From:	Barbara & Tom Andrews (
A question arose when I took my second-hand 125EC for servicing. I was
told that it was an "older" type, which could be seen as the newer ones
have some sort of metal reinforcing in the fork arms. Can you enlarge on
this, as well as telling me when the change happened?

Mike here: Gee, that change was a long time ago; maybe 2000.


Hello Mike, thanks for the quick reply. When I received it, I was
checking the site for more info and have found out exactly what it
means, including opinions on both. It seems to have been about that
time, maybe 2001. Sorry, should have checked first.


Subject:	125ETX -AT is it good !
Sent:	Wednesday, September 7, 2005 15:41:04
From:	howard pray (
this is my first time at this , so i just bought a 125 etx -at i have a
old etx ra that i got when they first came out. But thats out dated now
so i want to know if the AT is a good buy and easy to use ? i have had a
Meade 200 8" that i got in '94 and have had no problems at all ,love it!
I just haven't herd much on the new ones , I didn't need the XTX-PE mod, 
so i hope i made  a good pick on this one . thanks.howard
Mike here: Kinda of late to ask if you got a good buy since you already purchased it! But you will get many years of enjoyment from it. As to news on the "new ones", lots of info on my ETX Site and has been since 1996. So feel free to browse around the Site.
Subject:	ETX 125 Finder & Tabletop Tripod Advice Requested
Sent:	Sunday, September 4, 2005 17:01:21
From:	Kenneth Sime (
About three years ago I was given a new Meade ETX 1250 Maksutov to
include the Autostar controller and the tabletop tripod with
counterweight device. Lately, I've decided to take this telescope with
on casual overnight trips because of its quality, compactness, and ease
of use. I request your advice in the following two areas:

1. I find the factory finder scope to be almost useless and would like
to remove it and fill the mount screw holes with filler screws. I'd like
to replace the finder scope with either the Rigel or Telrad reflective
gunsite-type device because I've used both of these devices on my other
larger scopes to great satisfaction. What do you recommend in terms of
mounting either one of these devices on the main tube or on the primary
cell and what kind of problems should I anticipate in terms of the added
weight, balancing the system or any other considerations?

2. I have a spare modified Celestron tripod and wedge assembly that
allows me to use the ETX 125 in either the altitude/azimuth or polar
mode. But as I'm looking for compactness on casual trips, I've thought
about using the Meade tabletop tripod and counterweight assembly with a
small portable and sturdy table. To me, the tripod leg 1/4-20 mounting
screw seems somewhat fragile along the corresponding base mounting hole.
Do you recommend the use of this device and what kind of problems should
I anticipate? For example, could the ETX base be damaged or compromised
in some way? Right off I do see the necessity of using duct tape across
the counterweight to hold it more firmly to the table top.
Thank you for your time and patience,
Ken Sime
Mike here: See the Accessory Reviews: Finderscopes page for info on those two finderscopes. As to the tabletop tripod, if you have access to a sturdy table, keep in mind that you can place the ETX flat on a table and use it in Alt/Az mode with the Autostar doing the tracking. Unless you really need to Polar mount the ETX, then this would be the preferred way to go. And for compactness you can even leave the tabletop legs at home!

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