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Subject:	Seeking help with an ETX-70 Motor Fault Warning
Sent:	Tuesday, September 27, 2005 14:16:37
From:	daveewright (
I'm having problems with my ETX 70 in that within seconds of powering up
it displays the Motor Unit Fault warning. I have tried the following to
no-avail: -

* Power off/on again.

* Replaced batteries, many times.

* Selecting the Mode key. This sometimes starts the Azimuth motor
running for about 30 sec, then stops. Also, on ocassions, the Autostar
display powers off but leaves the motor running.

* Tried a Autostar handset from my ETX 90, this started up the
initialisation sequence but after starting to slew to the first Easy
Align star few a few seconds stops with the same Warning.

* Sometimes a selection of Mode with Goto or Enter results in the
Elevation motor running, but again only for a feww seconds before
returning to the Motor Faliure warning.

The scope is a couple of years old, but has had very little use, since I
bought the ETX 90.

I see that there is only one small circuit card within the scope, so
wonder what if anything can be done to fix it?

Can you give me any guidance on how I might fix things? I send a similar
email to the Telescope house here in UK but they indicated that this
problem is seen from time to time but unfortunately they are not able to
fix it. At best, if still in warranty, they send the scope back to Meade
for replacement. Mine, needless to say, is about a year out of warranty!

As an alternative, do you know of a technical support email address for
Meade that I could try? This seems a very expensive fault if the scope
is now considered irrepairable.

Looking forward to your return,

Dave E Wright
Mike here: Unfortunately, unless something is interferring with the gear movements (you could check for debris or accumulated lubrication), it is a circuit board problem it is best left to Meade (unless you can get your hands on a secondhand replacement). If the lubrication is the problem you may be able to cure it by redistributing the grease; unlock both axes and move the OTA in both axes, back and forth, through several cycles (azimuth: do at least a couple of full rotations in each direction). One other thing you could check is for a bent pin on the handcontroller port. You might also check the "Cleaning Encoders" article on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page.
Subject:	ETX70 on german mount
Sent:	Wednesday, September 21, 2005 04:38:53
I'm Luan Carli from Italy, I' bought an ETX7. I removed motors and logic
and adapted all this on a german mount, the problem is that when I align
in polar mode and try to use GOTO, the motors drive the tube to hit the
mount, seems that the processor do not understand the polar
configuration in the right way moving erraticly Can you help me?

Best regards

Luan Carli
Mike here: You need to set up the Autostar to match your mount configuration. See Steve Bedair's web page (listed on the Helpful Information: Autostar Info page) for some possibly good info that will help you.


Thanks a lot
Luan Carli

Subject:	ETX80AT-TC manual
Sent:	Thursday, September 15, 2005 05:10:24
From: (
The operating manual for the Meade ETX80AT-TC scope is available on-line  As
can be ecpected ina new manual, it contains numerous errors.  But, the
manual does describes many new features. For example,  a built in,
"flip" 2X barlow.  Also, the focus knob is now orientated 90 deg to the
axis of the optical tube.

I have ordered this scope from OPT corp. And, will keep you informed of
my experiences using it.

Subject:	ETX70 Frontlense
Sent:	Friday, September 9, 2005 23:16:48
From:	Gnter (
my name ist guenter and I am coming from Germany. My English isnt so
good, but I have a question for my ETX70. 

The frontlens of my ETX wraggles and I want to know, how can I open the
tube, to fasten the frontlens. I hope you understand me.

Many regards
Mike here: See the article "ETX-70AT Repair Guide" on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page.
Sent:	Wednesday, September 7, 2005 17:07:01
From:	alessandro toscano (
I have recently purchased the ETX70 model ( refurbished) , but can not
figure out the vertical lock knob or control.  can you shed light on
Mike here: Can you be more specific? What is the problem?

I received a manual that speaks of the vertical lock with an arrow pointing to the side of the telescope , but I can not see it nor figure out what the arrow is pointing to. Mike here: On both the right and left fork arms, just beneath the circular disks you should see a small triangle. That is just a pointer. It has no function for the axis lock (righthand knob). You can use it with the altitude scale on the left side but it is only accurate if you have ensured that the scale is set correctly (see the FAQ page for info on how to adjust it if it is incorrect).

Subject:	ETX-70AT balanced fro ~$1.00
Sent:	Sunday, September 4, 2005 23:43:05
From:	Kurt Friedrich (
I just got a used (but in very good condition) ETX-70, and it was clear
to me that the motor was straining when it tried to drive the scope
"up". I decided to invest about $1.00 to give the scope better balance.
I went to homedepot, and bought a package of veloco-like strips. They
are not the cloth like velcro, but rather both sides have a zillion
little fingers and the smash together. I mounted a 1/2" bolt with 2 nuts
to either side of the rear of the scope. I am also using a TV 32 plossl.
This combination leaves the scope still a little front heavy, but not
too much. The motor sounds much better now as it slews up. I think I
this will extend battery life, and likely the life of the motor and gear
train of the scope. If I want to remove the waits, they just pulll away
leaving just eh velco strips behing.

Subject:	ETX70 and Barlow
Sent:	Friday, September 2, 2005 10:27:52
From:	Ralph Smith (
I have a ETX 70 and just bought a Mead Barlow 2x/3x. Seems that when I
use the Barlow, I cant see anything. I have tried centering a star,
remove the 25mm eyepiece them putting in the barlow and eyepiece.
Nothing there, I have tried to focus, from one end to the other end. Am
I asking more from the 70 than it  was intended? I really wanting to see
something more than just star lights here and there, seems as though
that is all this one will allow. Thanks for any help.
Ralph Smith
Mike here: Magnify a star's image is not possible with any telescope you can afford. Try looking at a planet or the Moon until you get familiar with using it.
Subject:	ETX-70AT balance
Sent:	Friday, September 2, 2005 00:23:55
From:	Kurt Friedrich (
Just got a used ETX,  and I am surprised how unbalanced the scope is. 
It would seem like I'd be doing my motor a big favor by adding weight to
the rear.  Is this commonly done?  Any preferred/easy ways of doing it?
Mike here: The ETX-70 is OK with its design as is. Where the balance becomes a problem is when you add extra weight (cameras, imagers, etc.). But if you want to try adding a counterweight see the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page; lots of counterweight tips there.

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