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Subject:	Error com port
Sent:	Saturday, September 17, 2005 10:09:16
From:	Jeff Henry (
Oh my, I sure hope you can help me.

I have a ETX-70 and i'm trying to get it to work with my Laptop. New
Dell / had to buy USB DB9 adapter /

I attach cable to AUX port on scope, than to adapter, than to USB port.
I try to open comm via comm...nothing..I've made sure port settings are

I've try's starry night, and Autosuite...neither will work.

It says Error no protocol or something like that. I'm so bummed that I
can not get it working!

I have checked through these great pages you have here, but do not see
this problem approached. If any brain would like to help me get it
running, I would be sooo thankful.  I would be happy to pay long
distance phone charges to anyone that would take the time to help me.

Thanks so much,
Jeff Henry
Mike here: What USB-serial adapter did you get? Did you install a driver for it?


Thanks for the prompt reply!!  :-)

The USB Adapt is a IOGear USB to Serial Adapter #GUC232A

Yes I loaded the driver as instructions show. (Double checked
installation) I sure wish I could get it to work. I have the LPI Imager
set up and working...Just need to get this PC connection working with
Autosuite and I'll be a happy camper.
Mike here: Just to confirm: the Autostar software (not the Autostar Suite software; in fact don't run it yet) doesn't find a comm port?


I plug everything in, turn on PC, open Autostar Suite, Click
"Telescope", "Protocol", "Autostar Via Comm Port",   I get a
"Communication Error Read Timeout Communications Terminated!" I than try
to "Test Comm Port" I get a "Communication Error" Communications Not
Established! Opening Comm. Port without protocol"
Mike here: Repeating: "Just to confirm: the Autostar software (not the Autostar Suite software; in fact don't run it yet) doesn't find a comm port?" If you don't have the Autostar Updater Application, get it from Meade's site. Note: there is no update for the ETX-70AT Autostar #494; I'm just curious if it connects. Also, have you tried other software such as Astroplanner or ScopeDriver?


Yes, I have try'd with Envisage, Astronomers Control Panel, and Starry Night.
Mike here: Well, couple of thoughts: The #506 cable you are using (you are using a #506 cable, right?) could be bad. Or the USB adapter could be bad. There have been problem reports with Belkin adapters; I've had success with a Keyspan one with my Macintosh.
Subject:	ACP
Sent:	Thursday, September 8, 2005 03:11:31
From:	lee.gage (
Great site.

I have just bought the connector to hook up with my PC  I bought the
adaptor to make it USB  and it all started great but I can't change the
date  it says Feb 08. Can't change it or sync to the PC?

Any ideas please?


Lee Gage
Mike here: Have you checked the ACP web site for an update.? Very old versions had a date problem.


Only just brought it ! I will check the website - have you got the url


Mike here: The link for "Astronomer's Control Panel" is on the Astronomy Links page.

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