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Subject:	Removing focus knob from DSX-90AT
Sent:	Wednesday, September 27, 2006 10:36:30
From:	Nunez, Eduardo (Eduardo.Nunez@delphi.com)
In response to Marc Wiggins' email asking how to remove the focus knob
from the DSX-90AT OTA here is what I did to remove the knob from my

1.  Carefully inspect the knob, all around the outer surface.  Look for
a small hole in the rubber coating.  This is where the set screw that
retains the knob to the flat side of the focus shaft is.  Once I found
the one on my scope I enlarged a bit with an Exacto knife.

2. Use a 2mm flat blade jewelers screw driver through that small hole to
loosen the screw and remove the knob and reveal the 6mm or 1/4" shaft.
Mine does not have a hex set screw but a small screw with a slotted

3. Any of the flex focus knob extensions that work for the regular ETX
scopes should work on the DSX-90AT OTA.


Ed Nunez

Subject:	Focus problem with DSX-90
Sent:	Monday, September 25, 2006 09:10:59
From:	Marc Wiggins (marc.rci@cox-internet.com)
I've just recently been introduced to the hobby and purchased a DSX-90. 
Everything is as advertised so far, the only problem is the focus knob. 
With high magnification every time I touch the focus knob the telescope
becomes very unsteady.  I ordered an electric focuser, but it doesn't
work on the DSX-90.  I'm thinking I need a cable extended focuser to
solve my problem.  It appears that you must take the old focus knob off
to put the extended focuser on and I can't seem to get the old knob off
without possible damage to the scope.  So my question is, how do you get
the focus knob off?  Or should I proceed in a different direction?  Any
help would greatly be appreciated.  Marc
Mike here: One common tip is to use a clamping style clothes pin as a lever on the focus knob. Works great. You could also make a cable that fits over the knob. For lots of ideas, see the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page.
Subject:	DSX-90AT at Sam's club for $240
Sent:	Monday, September 25, 2006 07:54:52
From:	Nunez, Eduardo (Eduardo.Nunez@delphi.com)
Sam's club has received a shipment of Meade DSX-90AT scopes priced at
$240.  The scope comes with the #497 Autostar, 2 eyepieces (26mm and
9.7mm), a low end tripod w/accessory tray (do not know the model
number), a red dot finder, a compass/bubble level combo unit, and the
Autostar SE software suite on DVD.  This price is less than the Meade
outlet store on eBay which has this scope for $300.  I don't know if all
stores have them but the store nearest to me had about 10 on Sept. 20. I
went back and purchased one on Sept. 22 and they were down to 6 so
they're moving fast.  The scope does not show up in the Sam's Club
website as of Sept. 25.  No DSX-125AT was available.

I had read that the scope is the ETX-90 OTA on the DS one arm mount. The
OTA for this scope appears to differ from the pictures I have seen of
the ETX and even the DSX-90 OTA in that the mirror control and the focus
knob are different - both are larger and in black and the mirror control
is located on the left side only, not on both sides as in the pictures
I've seen.

I have not had a clear night to view since I purchased the scope so I'll
report when I've had an opportunity to try it out.  This is my first
scope GO TO scope and I'm eager to use it.

My first impressions are pretty positive so far.  I've been looking at
terrestrial objects and the optics appear to be pretty good.  I've
trained and calibrated the Autostar per articles on your website -
thanks for a great resource!  The tripod does leave something to be
desired in the sturdiness department but it is adequate.  The red dot
finder is useless at night due to amount of light lost through the
mirrored lens so I'll replace it with a better finder scope at a later

Ed Nunez

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