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Subject:	Meade ETX-105AT Astro Telescope - Quick Questions
Sent:	Tuesday, January 30, 2007 18:27:36
From:	John Needham (
I've never written before  so if you don't mind some personal
background, please keep reading.  If all you're interested in is the
questions, please skip to the bottom.

I am considering getting the telescope listed in the subject line.  I've
always had an interest in the cosmos, and now I've got a son who seems
to be developing a similar interest.  My youngest son may turn out to be
the kid in high school with cigarettes, but my oldest will likely be the
president of the astronomy club.  They are presently six and four years
old.  The oldest reads books on astronomy and can name all the gas
giants, along with knowing which planets in our solar system have
organic material.  When I ask him where he learned that, he always says
"from you, dad" but frankly, he is reminding ME of things I don't even
recall before he says them!  Anyway, both sons are willing to contribute
their own money (maybe fifty bucks apiece) towards the purchase of a
telescope, which seems to me and my wife like a good thing.

So, questions about the ETX 105AT:

1.	Is it really possible to see the rings around Saturn and
individual moons around other planets with this telescope?

2.	Will we be able to see remote start and nebulae?

3.	Does the telescope have capacity to insert a digital camera card
(or another way) to take pictures of stars or planets and move tem onto
our laptop computers?

Anyway, I've *really* enjoyed browsing your site, and I've learned quite
a bit.  I have not found answers to these questions, though, either
there or elsewhere I've looked.  I don't want to purchase (another)
lesser telescope through which we can see Mars as a tiny dot  what I'm
interested in learning about, and teaching my sons about, is what is
really out there.  If you think, for example, that we'd be able to see
Saturn's rings or moons for other planets, I'll likely purchase the
telescope tomorrow.  So, any insight you can offer would be greatly

If we decide to get one, and if we can offload images from it, I promise
to deliver to you extensive JPEG's from our explorations!

Warm regards, and thanks a bunch in advance.

John Needham
Mike here: You can find your answers on the Helpful Information: Buyer/New User Tips page (where I comment on the ETX-105) and on the Helpful Information: User Observations page (where you will find many user reports on the ETX-105). Also, as can be seen in the astrophotography sections, you can do some types of astrophotography with a digital camera. Bottom line: yes, yes, and yes.

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