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Subject:	Hi Mike: Love your site-could you help me tighten my scope?
Sent:	Tuesday, January 9, 2007 11:03:20
From: (
Sorry to bother you with what I assume is a common problem, but I was
hoping you could save me some time. I've been reading all the tech help
you have but dont see exactly what I think my problem is.

Is there a fix to keep the "main nut" which holds the top tube
assembly(ota)  to the bottom, tight? I have to continully take off the
bottom plate and tighten the nut, as the tube assembly becomes loose and

When I tighten it enough to stay tight-the motors cant  turn the scope.
After going through your tech help-I can see I also have a lot of other
"tweaking" to do to get my scope(etx90 purchased new in 1996) to work
properly, the degreasing ect.

Thx for your site it's Outstanding! I've enjoyed it and learned much!
Chuck Hahn
Mike here: It sounds like the threads might be worn. Maybe some "locktite" would keep it secure.

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