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This page is for user comments and information specific to the Meade AutoStar Suite. If you have any comments, suggestions, questions or answers to questions posed here, e-mail them to me and I'll post them. Please use an appropriate Subject Line on your message. Thanks. (The Lunar Planetary Imager, LPI, and Deep Sky Imager, DSI, are covered in the Helpful Information - Astrophotography area.)

Subject:	RE: Regarding Autostar installation from Meade's site
Sent:	Sunday, January 13, 2008 05:26:04
From:	Harel Boren (
I now have the full DSI + Autostar installation CD in ISO format as a
back up to my malfunctioning original CD.


Subject:	RE: Regarding Autostar installation from Meade's site
Sent:	Thursday, January 10, 2008 00:21:34
From:	Harel Boren (
If you haven't yet been able to solve this problem  please tell me. I
have managed, after A LOT of work, to retrieve the full set of files
from the defective CD I got, and I can send it all over to you via
Skype. You'll then be able to burn them onto a blank CD and you'll have
a full brand-new backup CD to the one you got with the camera, which
doesn't work.
Harel Boren (from Israel)
ETX 125 PE

Subject:	phillips toUcam and  envisage problem  form a newbie
Sent:	Tuesday, January 8, 2008 18:51:43
From:	gerry (
i have loaded the drivers  for the toUcam but  when i open envisage up
im not gettiing a image at all any ideas  the camera is working ive  set
it up in msn messenger  and get a image

the version is 4.0

any ideas  regards  gerry
Mike here: I have never tried using the AutoStar Suite software with a non-Meade imager.
Subject:	Regarding Autostar installation from Meade's site
Sent:	Saturday, January 5, 2008 11:50:13
From:	Harel Boren (
Hi James,

Just saw your posting on Mike Weasner's wonderful site regarding the
Autostar installation.

I had the same problem  just bought the DSI, and got a defective CD.

You can download the SW from the Meade site. Then when you install it,
you get all the stuff you mentioned (can't find pdf, etc. and then

However, after it quits  just go to Program Files, there find
\Meade\AutostarSuite\ and actually  the whole installation is there
(including all the relevant manuals, under "docs").

You can then create a shortcut for " AutostarSuite.exe" and put it on
your desktop.

I've done it and it works like clockwork. I also used it with the ETX
125 PE. Works like it's supposed to.

Tell me how it went.

Harel Boren (from Israel)
ETX 125 PE


Subject:	Autostar cd
Sent:	Saturday, January 5, 2008 13:11:28
From:	Pete Dickens (
Sorry to read about the theft of your gear, really sad especially at
this time of year.

With reference to broken Autostar cd's, you posted a possible fix from
me over a year ago now so hope you won't mind if I restate it in view of
recent posts to your site. My original Meade cd would not install
Autostar - it kept hanging - so I copied all the files onto a blank cd
using Windows explorer  I don't know whether diskcopy would work. The
new disk works perfectly. Incidently, I've recently installed Autostar
on Windows Vista then changed the programme settings to 'run in xp mode'
and it seems to work ok too.

Best wishes
Pete D

Subject:	Autostar Cd Not working and download does not install the whole way.
Sent:	Tuesday, January 1, 2008 19:09:45
From:	James Block (
I have contacted you before and im starting to suspect that my autostar
cd and download are defected. when i put the autostar disc in my pc it
takes FOREVER to load and it never starts install. So then i downloaded
the autostar suite from meade and halfway through the installation it
says "cannot find" some pdf. and then right in the middle of the
installation it just quits. Could this be the problem?


Mike here: I believe the version on Meade's site is an updater only. So if you can't install from the CD then you will have to get a replacement CD from Meade. I seem to recall that there were some defective media shipped.


Yeah. I was on a forum earlier and they said that meade shipped out a
lot of broken cds. I talked to meade like 2 weeks ago and they said they
were going to ship one out to me and nothing came. But do you think that
could be the issue? oh and sorry about all your stolen stuff. that must
really suck thats a lot of money gone like that.
Mike here: Yeah, it is sad, for lots of reasons. With the Holidays, it is not surprising you haven't received the CD.


Yeah. I also ordered the meade catalog like a month ago and nothing
came. but anyway i really hope that cd comes and is the problem because
i want to image a lot of stuff.

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