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Subject:	Need help to choose lens.
Sent:	Saturday, January 24, 2009 21:28:26
From:	Keith White (theender2@yahoo.com)
I have a Meade D's-70EC refracting telescope that I bought this past
weekend.I know its a older telescope but it was so cheap,30 bucks to be
exact,so I said hell,why not.I always wanted to look at the stars and
moon anyway,but my question is this.

I know its kinda old but I still want to fine tune it to the best of its
ability,but I don't know where to start.I bought a barlow3x and that
should be here this week,but was that the right thing to do? Was that a
good choice or not? I want to know what I need to buy to max out this
scopes ability,from the best mirror to the eyepiece and even changing
out the lens.Tell me what I need to buy to max this telescope out.
Mike here: First, every telescope has a maximum "theoretical magnification". See "Q. How do I calculate eyepiece magnification? What is the max?" on the ETX FAQ page for info on that, and how to calculate it and how to calculate magnification for your eyepieces. Also, you can not replace the objective lens except with the same type (from another DS-70 refractor).
Subject:	Model DS Power
Sent:	Sunday, January 18, 2009 13:42:00
From:	Brian (pinkfloyd60@embarqmail.com)
Hello.Can you tell me what type of  power adaptor I can buy to power my
DS 114mm tele.? I'm tierd of burning up batteries and have access to an
outlet next to where I setup.Thanks                                     
    Brian Green
Mike here: See the article "DS114-EC Power Supply" on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page. Also, the Meade #546 AC Adapter, which works with DS models, may work with your model.
Subject:	Re: A question of .... fixes to Meade DC motors...
Sent:	Monday, January 12, 2009 00:23:21
From:	mherman346@aol.com (mherman346@aol.com)
I found your note [attributed to Tony George] in your website
[http://www.weasner.com/etx/techtips/ds-drive-mod.html], on the topic of
 DS Scopes Drive Modification with this path to repair photos:

But that site in the link has been deleted.  
As I happen to have a Meade LX50 with now a rather flaky or dead drive
board, and I will try to repair that, I wanted also to fix the motor
behavior with this improvement.

Can you send me either the photos or instructions or tell me where they
now exist?

Many thanks,

Michael Herman


I just found the images of the repair process... no need for any action.

Sorry to have bothered you!

- Michael
Mike here: Thanks for the report. I missed that AOL page in my cleanup. I'll update the link to use the Yahoo Groups page:
Subject:	ds-90
Sent:	Friday, January 2, 2009 16:38:40
From:	John (w9jcm@sbcglobal.net)
I acquired a DS-90 in excellent shape but here is my dilemma. First off
it only has .965 eye peices and it looks like thats all the meade holder
will take. I looked around online but didn't seem to find a adapter or
something that will let me use 1.25 or 2" eyepieces. Is there something
out there I can get to be able to at least use 1.25? Also I have the
NexImage ccd camera and in no way does that fit on this setup. It looks
like it would fit in a 1.25 type deal and I can always build something
that will work for that any ideas?

Thank You,
John M
Mike here: There are adapters available from good telescope dealers that will allow 1.25" eyepieces to be used in 0.965" eyepiece holders. Check with OPT (note: I have a relationship with OPT).

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