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Subject:	teflon pads
Sent:	Monday, July 30, 2007 21:38:58
From:	Glen Dalrymple (
I am just taking a shot in the dark here, however, dupont makes teflon
sheets that are used  in cooking, called "Teflon Cooking liners". 
Perhaps one could cut a section out of a sheet.  I know for a fact that
super glue does stick to them, and maybe they can be stacked to get the
.030 thickness needed.  Just do a search on Teflon Cooking Linders on

Another thought is using Furnature sliders that you tack onto the under
side of sofa legs, you can get them at most hardware stores.

I just got a etx90, and I haven't been into the guts yet, but I thought
I'd give it a shot.

Best Regards


Subject:	EXT90 teflon pad source/availability?
Sent:	Monday, July 2, 2007 11:08:29
From:	Michael Tappy (
My ETX90-RA developed the dreaded drive jumpies.   The problem is that I
have lost one of the ETX90-RA's teflon pads.  It must have fallen out
and I can't find it.  My ETX90 is working, for the moment, after I
flipped base around on tripod so that most of telescopes weight rests on
two remaining teflon pads.

Has anyone recently purchased the ETX90 teflon pads form Meade?  I
called Meade at their 800 number and was told by someone in technical
support that while an ETX90 teflon pad part number exists, Meade's
database shows no stock left.  Does anyone know another source?  Perhaps
I'm talking to the wrong person at Meade and the teflon pads exists
under another part number (I gave the Meade suppoert person my email, in
case he found out something else that might help me, however that has
been over 2 weeks ago.) Does anyone have a better solution?  I have been
thinking of spraying the base contact area with RemOil (a popular,
teflon based gun lubricant) if all else fails.

Do the current ETX90s model telescopes use the same teflon pads? 
Perhaps the Meade tech was searching and found discontinued pads for the
ETX90RA when he should have been searching for the latest ETX90 model. 
Thank you.
Michael Tappy, 
Mike here: Check the Archived Feedback item "My ETX bearing experience" on:
Maybe that will help.


Yes I had previously looked at thread and relooked after your email.  I
noticed that someone used some spare teflon tape that he had that was
wrong thickness size and mentioned that he was looking for another
source of teflon tape (0.030 inch thickness size if memory serves).  I
never saw another post from him saying he had found a source.  Another
person used a plastic shim, but I would only do that when all other
avenues failed.  It would be great if someone would give me a Ace or
Lowes hardware part number or detailed description of a replacement self
stick teflon tape.  I have seen the non-stick type teflon tape that is
used to wrap pipe threads with, but it is not thick enough and is hard
to work with.  Most people in the thread you pointed me to were getting
teflon pads from Meade, however Mead tells me they are out.  No one in
thread mentioned this before, however thread is very old (1998).

Have you posted my question on your web?  Someone might have found a
good source of teflon pads and might answer.   Thank you.

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