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Subject:	Autostar #494 vs #497 for ETX70AT
Sent:	Monday, June 25, 2007 05:47:36
From: (
My question is:

I have an ETX70AT with a #494 Autostar.

With the half price of a #497, I can buy a #506 cable for my #494.

I don't care the +30,000 objects of the #497, because the ones I want, I
will download them into my #494 by PC or directly by keypad.

What are the REAL advantages of using a #497 instead of a #494 for an
ETX70AT, not counting the more memory available ? More precision ? Some
#494 bugs fixed on #497 ? ...

Many thanks in advance for your reply !

Mike here: There are two DEFINITE advantages: user upgradability and the numeric keypad. User upgradability is handy for those rare times when the AutoStar becomes corrupted. With the #494 you have to return it to Meade; with the #497 (and the simpler #505 serial cable that you can make yourself) you can do the ROM upgrade. Plus when Meade releases a new version of the #497 software you can install it yourself (with the #505 cable). The numeric keypad allows direct entry of numbers, making it faster to find objects and enter values.


Ok Mike, many thanks for your very precise answer !

Subject:	Autostar 494 and polar alignment
Sent:	Wednesday, June 20, 2007 14:49:54
From:	Jamison graf (
I have an ETX 70-AT and an  ETX 80 AT and a 884 tripod. The handboxes
are  the standard 494 model. Can I use this handbox for polar alignment
or do I need teh 497 model?
Jamie Graf
Mike here: #494 is fine.


Thanks Mike. Its always nice to save money in this hobby.
Mike here: So that you can spend it on other accessories...


I knew you knew that Mike!

I was wondering if you could point me to any pieces on your site that
detail polar alignment with an ETX 70 AT and a 884 tripod? I'm pretty
sure I know how to, but its always nice to read how others do it too.
Thanks - Jamie
Mike here: Lots of alignment tips on the Helpful Information: AutoStar Info page. Nothing specifically different needs to be done with the ETX-70 or #884 tripod (other than setting it for your latitude).
Subject:	ETX-60AT
Sent:	Tuesday, June 5, 2007 12:48:35
From:	Dan Kies (
I was wondering if a ETX-80 will fit on an ETX-60AT tripod and also fit
in the ETX-60AT case ?
Dan Kies


Additional information: Tripod is standard # 882 and case is original
hard shell case that came with scope.
Mike here: You would likely have to slightly modify the case to make room for the larger aperture lens. The eyepiece end is also slightly different from the ETX-70 so more case mods might have to be made. The tripod should work though.


Thanks for your input and quick response.

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