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Subject:	Meade DS-2130AT Set-up
Sent:	Wednesday, June 27, 2007 16:41:37
From:	Bill Pribyl (billpribyl@yahoo.com)
I have bought a new DS -2130AT from a dealer on E-Bay.The tele is new in
box. I have assembled it but am having problems with what seems to be
tape all across the front  under the front cap where the dust felt was
located which has blocked all light/images fromentering the tube. This
is my first telescope and I don't know how to remove this. Te cap has
what seems to be 3 phillips srews with tension spring and 2 alen wrench
head screw along with 3 plain philips around the outside edge. I have no
idea how to remove this cap to access the tape and don't want to
randomly start removing these screws. The owners manual  provides no
info on this other than to say remove the dust felt. Any info help 
would be appreciated.


Bill P.
Mike here: I don't have a DS so can't answer directly. You could contact Meade phone support or wait for someone to respond to your inquiry here.


1st I'd like to praise you on a great site and service you provide. I
stumbled across your site and sat and read the reviews for an hour. In
fact its what rekindled a chilhood passion and made me but this scope.
But to the point no need to post my last question in your next update as
I installed the tube upside down!!! and was looking through it backwards
:). Talk about telescope illiterate! Anyway thanks for your reply and
keep up the good and valuable  work.

Best Regards,

Bill P.

Subject:	DS 60 Power Supply
Sent:	Tuesday, June 26, 2007 10:38:00
From:	Ian McCloy (bcpiper@telus.net)
any idea what the power requirement for using a power supply to replace
the battery case

how many milliamps is required as I know Radio Shack sells very cheaper
power adapters
Thanks Ian
Mike here: I don't know for certain but I would suspect it is at least 12VDC 1000mA.
Subject:	Re: Autostar 494 and DS-114ATA Scope
Sent:	Friday, June 22, 2007 19:33:41
From:	Sandra Fultz (neimi23@msn.com)
Thanks Mike.
I appreciate your quick response.


From:	richard seymour (rseymour@wolfenet.com)
Since you have a 494, (with a permanently attached cord)
it is safe to use a standard network EXTENSION cord in the HBX
socket to add to the HBX cable length (within reason).

If you had a 497 (which has a detachable HBX cable),
it is NOT SAFE to use a standard network CABLE to try to connect
the 497 to the telescope... damage will happen.
It would still be safe to use the EXTENSION cable to -add-
to the 497's own HBX cable.

With the 494, you -must- use a Meade 506 cable/converter
(which would go into the AUX socket and provides a 9-pin DB9 socket)
which has active electronics in a lump along the cable.

With the 497 a "just wires" 505-like cable can be homemade.
The 497's 505 cable plugs into a second hole on the Autostar itself,
and does not use the AUX socket at all.

have fun

Subject:	DS 60
Sent:	Friday, June 22, 2007 07:59:39
From:	Ian McCloy (bcpiper@telus.net)
i just dusted off a brand new in the box Meade DS-60 with 494 Autostar. 
Put it together and went thru total train drive and alignment,

Run software on pc and can not get the DS-60  to turn to the right
object.  Example last night told it to go to Moon well after if was
finished will going to the mom it was in the totally wrong direction,

Any idea what is wrong all motors calibrate properly and slew
Thanks Ian
Mike here: Does it work properly WITHOUT the PC connected? That is, you align from the AutoStar and then select objects and GOTO them from the AutoStar.
Subject:	Autostar 494 and DS-114ATA Scope
Sent:	Thursday, June 21, 2007 21:09:55
From:	Sandra Fultz (neimi23@msn.com)
From what I have read on the Jan. 2004 forum that you posted, can I
conclude that with the Autostar 494, the connection to a PC is
accomplished through the Aux port? I have a USB to RS 232 converter from
Radio Shack. From what I have seen in the photos and read, I think I
understand that #505 cable has a circuit that decodes the RS 232
information and allows the 494 to operate the Az and Alt motors. I
purchased an 8 pin lan cable that I plugged into the HBX port of the
scope base and when the battery pack was plugged in, verified that pin 1
was + 12 volts and that pin 8 was ground. The drawing I had also showed
Aux Clk (pin 2), Aux Data (pin 3), Alt Clk (pin 4), A/A Data (pin 5), Az
Clk (pin 6) and A/A Data (pin 7) so there is no way to run the RS 232
directly into the HBX port.

I was able to find a store in Oklahoma City that sells just the cable
for about $20 vs. $50 for the CD and the cable.
Please let me know if I am on the right track.
Dan Ehredt 
Mike here: The #494 will require a #506 serial cable, not the simpler #505.
Subject:	ds-2000mount-2102
Sent:	Sunday, June 17, 2007 05:17:23
From:	ronald le blanc (53ronald.leblanc@ns.sympatico.ca)
name is ronald i have a ds-2000 mount-2102

it started off  you put the mount on for a while but if you shut it off
for a while the auto star will not come on but the led on the mount
comes on but by snapping the swith on and off it finalley comes on..but
if you dont shut it off it will stay on...could it be a bad switch or a
solder connection....then it quit  i found a burnt foil trace soldered a
jumper now the mount and auto star will work manually but if you put in
on calibrate moters it will calibrate side to side but up and down the
auto star says moter error,its not the moter because it works fine in
manuel mode .....could it be the emmiter sensor on the up and down
moter,,,,a buddy of mine has an ocilliescope i plan to try if ther is a
pulse on the sensor.in easy alingn it does side by side..but the up and
down the scope will take off straight up and jam the mount    ....any
help in this matter will be greatly appriciated.....ps like the scope
its easily portable.....my e mail adress is   ronald5353@hotmail.com



i forgot to ask on preveious e-mail if i could get parts for the
moumt....like the circut board if neaded...and moter
sensors.....ronald   thank you
Mike here: Contact Telescope Warehouse (link on the Astronomy Links page); they may have parts.
Subject:	Meade DS 2102
Sent:	Monday, June 4, 2007 04:47:36
From:	Rita Taylor (rita.taylor2@virgin.net)
Hi, I am looking to buy my husband a secondhand telescope for his
birthday ans have come across a Meade DS 2102. Could you give me some
feedback on this as i have no idea what i should be looking for and
would be very gratefull for some help.
Kind Regards,
Mike here: I suggest you read through the Helpful Information: User Observations page; there are some DS models reports there. I don't have a DS model so can't comment directly. As to buying a used telescope, I recommend you actually use it before purchasing it; things can go wrong if a telescope has been abused or if pieces have gone missing. Be certain to get all the accessories that came with the telescope (if it is being advertised that way).

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