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Subject:	meade 2130 spinning
Sent:	Sunday, June 21, 2009 02:24:08
From:	mark1200a@oh.rr.com (mark1200a@oh.rr.com)
i have a meade ds2130 that would just spin around continuously, i
unplugged the smartfinder from the mount while it was running and
plugged it back in and it stoped and pointed north, i then did a reset
on the controller menu and loaded my zip,date,time etc. set it to level
and pointed north and did an easy align and it worked sort of.

the drive would not track in the azimuth consistently, i opened up the
base and found a misalignment of the wormgear on the servo output to the
large gear in the bottom of the base. I removed the gear in the base and
added a .015 shim washer under it and reassembled the base and scope.

the drive seems to be working much better now and much quieter also.
lots of problems with this scope out of the box.

lense for the smartfinder was missing, drive not tracking untill i
shimmed the bottom gear, the toothed metal rack on the focuser has 3
missing teeth.

unfortunatly no warranty on this scope,i purchased it as is from a local
dealer who said it was new but had a missing part.

however , the price was right and if nothing else comes up i now have a
functioning scope.

thanks   Mark

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