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Mike here: If you don't already know about the ETX-LS, check out these web sites:

Oceanside Photo and Telescope

Subject:	ETX-LS Feedback
Sent:	Thursday, June 18, 2009 05:09:17
From:	Varga, Les (
I set my new ETX LS up last weekend in my suburban Atlanta back yard
(fairly dark).  I flipped the switch and left after I saw that it
managed get a GPS fix, leveled, determined north, etc and then went on
to finding alignment stars.  When I returned about ten minutes later I
found that the scope was ready.  I cycled through the Tonight's Best
tour and it found each and every object (except those, of course, below
the tree line).  Overall, I think this scope is great.  I like the build
quality as well.  It is very easy to use.

I think the ACF optics were excellent as well though the objects just
weren't as bright as those in my LX90-12".
Best Regards,
Les Varga
Cumming, Georgia

Subject:	ETX-LS Feedback
Sent:	Friday, June 12, 2009 20:27:08
From:	Professional Family Consultants (
I Just received my ETX-LS two days ago, and tried it out for the first
time last night. It was a great night for it -- lots of stars and no
moon.  Yet the scope could not find the proper alignment.  After more
than two hours, I gave up.  It was way off!  The voice command kept
telling me to remove the lens cap, and said that before trying the auto
alignment again, I should go to an open area where I have a good view of
the sky.  I had both lens caps (main and camera) off, and I was standing
in an open field.  I live in southern Saskatchewan, Canada's flattest
province.  I could not have been placed in a more open area!  I'm
starting to wonder whether I made an mistake purchasing this scope.
F. Michael Stewart

Subject:	ETX-LS Feedback
Sent:	Thursday, June 11, 2009 19:27:27
From:	Gav Turner (
I just got my ETX-LS today - serial number 100016 ! It really does seem
like a nice thing and very solid as Jim said in his email.

Unfortunately, it arrived with no mount and with the finderscope
detached. I called my supplier of course, but do you think I can just
glue the finder back on again? I don't want to part with it because it
looks wonderful if I could just mount it....

Please go ahead and edit and put this on your site if you want to.
Mike here: Since I've not seen one yet, I don't know how the finderscope is attached. Nor do I know how the red-dot wires on run on the LS model. The dealer should handle it all for you.


Hi Mike! That was a fast reply...

I think the finder is just glued on so it'll just stick it back - it
works OK as it is has its own battery.

Do you mind fielding one more question? I have a little old ETX-60 but
someone lost the screw that holds the eyepiece in. You don't know where
I could get one, do you?

Gav "or I could use duct tape"
Mike here: Search the ETX Site for "eyepiece screw" and you'll see several hits. As to a source, check out Scopestuff (link on the Astronomy Links page).
Subject:	ETX-LS Feedback
Sent:	Monday, June 8, 2009 00:21:46
From:	Iain (Lachy) McLean (
Will Meade be coming out with an 8" (or larger) ETX-LS?
(I so I presume it might be worth waiting for rather than the 6")
Mike here: It is certainly possible that the LightSwitch technology could appear on the LX90 and perhaps the LX200 series telescopes. But as to whether there will be an ETX-LS 8", I rather doubt it.



Subject:	MY ETX-LS-6 Arrived!!!!
Sent:	Wednesday, June 3, 2009 17:01:25
From: (
My ETX LS-6 arrived late today!!!!  It's built like a howitzer--mostly
powder-coated metal!!!  Rock-solid!!!  I really think the mount, etc
will easily support a bigger OTA.

Well, now for the not-fun part--printing and reading the manuals. 
Initial set-up was a real no-brainer though.  It took all of 5 minutes.

I got serial number 100112.  I'd guess that'd mean I got the 112th scope

Again, I'm a beginner, so the rest might go a little slow.
Feel free to edit this email and put it on your site as you see fit.
Take care,

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