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Last updated: 23 June 2010
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Subject:	RE: Sitecom CN-104v2 USB to serial cable driver (Windows7)
Sent:	Sunday, June 20, 2010 12:14:30
From:	Piet van Leuveren (
Thanks for your answer.

Subject:	Sitecom CN-104v2 USB to serial cable driver (Windows7)
Sent:	Saturday, June 19, 2010 13:15:43
From:	Piet van Leuveren (
Since I bought a new laptop computer with Windows7 installed my Sitecom
CN-104v2 USB to serial cable driver is not working.
I need this driver for the connection with my Meade telescope.

Can you provide me with the right driver for Windows7?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Piet van Leuveren
Mike here: As noted frequently on the ETX Site (and elsewhere), some USB-serial adapters have problems communicating with the AutoStar. See the article "AutoStar and USB" on the Helpful Information: AutoStar Info page. There is a brief item there about Windows 7. I recommend Keyspan adapters, although since I don't use Windows, I don't know the status a Windows 7 driver but I would assume they have one.
Subject:	Node Allocation Failure
Sent:	Monday, June 7, 2010 10:32:47
From:	David Pulley (
Can some cast light on my problem?  I have a 5 year old ETX125 and 497
controller. When I connect the controller to my IBM laptop, running
Windows XP, via the RS232 port and press F9 for the remote handbox, all
works fine and I can control my ETX.  I am using Autosuite ver 5.50.
When I now connect to my LX90 with a 497EP controller running 5C1
software I get Node Allocation Failure message when trying to connect to
the remote handbox.  I am using the same IBM laptop, running the same
software, and using the same cables and adaptors.  If I now replace the
497EP with my old 497 plugged into the LX90 all works well again.

Connecting the 497EP controller to my ETX125 with the IBM laptop and
same cables gives the Node Allocation Failure.

My last trial was to replace the IBM laptop with my desktop (home built)
running Windows XP Professional and Autosuite 5.50.  With my old 497
handcontoller, same cables and ETX125, again all works well.  When I
replace the controller with the 497EP still using my desktop and same
cable set with the ETX125 I again get the Node Allocation Failure.

Any ideas?  Could there be a software bug (note I had the same problems
with 5B1 software) or possibly a faulty controller?  Or could it be
something else.


From:	richard seymour (
It is purely and simply a firmware bug in the 497EP.

(The details are that they've built an Autostar with more memory, and
different memory mapping.  Remote Handbox uses a two-byte protocol for
setting up the "menu tree",
but the 497EP speaks a three-byte protocol (well, it -needs- to speak
three bytes,
but their "port" of the firmware is sending a truncated two (of those
three) and
the menu system gets trashed.  It is a "node" on the menu tree which is
not getting allocated, and Remote Handbox complains.)

The StarMap section of Autostar Suite should work properly with the
and the "Hand Control Panel" (alt-H in Autostar Suite)... consider it a
"remote handbox, without the menu tree".

have fun

And this:

I forgot to mention:  Andrew Johansen has written a patch to partly fix
the 497EP menu system, *and* his "MyScope"  PEC Editor has a Remote
Handbox that can use it.

(the label "PEC Editor" does not begin to describe the features of his

Available from:

have fun


Thanks to everyone for the prompt response.
One final question.  Does anyone know if Meade intend to fix this?

Mike here: Given enough time and resources, all things are possible.

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