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Subject:	re: Need to replace the instruction manual for my telescope
Sent:	Tuesday, March 25, 2008 22:34:55
From:	richard seymour (rseymour@wolfenet.com)
The Meade 4504 is -exactly- the same as your 114 EQ/DH-4
(yours may not have the Starfinder/Autostar)

The manuals are here:

Look in the right column under '4.5" Reflectors'

have fun
From:	KAITK@aol.com (KAITK@aol.com)
Thanks for the information , Mike. I sincerely appreciate the help
you've given me. Logan is so "ready" to begin exploring the night sky!

Subject:	RE: DS-2060 motor bracket
Sent:	Tuesday, March 25, 2008 19:26:13
From:	Steve Masison (smasison@hotmail.com)
I called back to Meade this morning and was clearer on the story behind
this scope and they understood what was going on and are fixing this
under warranty.  Needless to say I am very pleased with their support
and wanted to make sure I passed that on.  They offered the warranty
repair before I asked.

Subject:	DS-2060 motor bracket
Sent:	Monday, March 24, 2008 18:11:14
From:	Steve Masison (smasison@hotmail.com)
My DS-2060 would only rotate counter-clockwise, I took it apart and it
turns out the bracket holding the motor/gear assemby broke.  Any idea
where I can purchase this part?  Meade technical support told me they
don't carry it and I would have to send the entire base/mounting arm
unit in for repair/replace at a cost of $139.  I intend to call them
back as I am not sure the tech understood what I needed but I have a bad
feeling about this....Is there any hope for finding the bracket?
Mike here: Meade typically does not sell individual repair components (most manufacturers don't). You could try Telescope Warehouse. Their link is on the Astronomy Links page on my ETX Site.
Subject:	Need to replace the instruction manual for my telescope
Sent:	Saturday, March 22, 2008 10:46:10
From:	KAITK@aol.com (KAITK@aol.com)
I have a Meade Electronic telescope Model 114 EQ.DH  (D=114 mm F+910mm).
Unfortunately, I have misplaced the instructional manual. My 12 year
old grandson wishes to begin using it, and I would like to send one
along with him to his home where it will be housed from now on. Can you
give me an address or phone number to  Meade Electronics where I could
possible aquire a new one for this model?  I'd greatly appreciated your

Kait Klammer 
Mike here: There are some manuals available online. See the FAQ page on my ETX Site for the links.
Subject:	#494 and meade motors DS
Sent:	Monday, March 10, 2008 04:37:09
From:	davidemarzotto@gmail.com
Very interesting your website!

I'd like to know a thing.

I've a EQ5 mount and a couple of meade DS motors.

I'd liko to mount that on mount to make a goto system.

Now.. could I buy a meade#494 handpad autostar or I need a different

i ask this cos 494 it's more economic..

Davide Marzotto

Mike here: Check the article "DS Motors on other Telescopes" on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page. Perhaps that will help you.
Subject:	Doubt about #495 / #497 Autostar
Sent:	Thursday, March 6, 2008 09:46:25
From:	Ortiz, Christian (Cortiz@agea.com.ar)
I'm Christian from Argentina.
I recently bought a Meade DS-114 EC telescope. It came with an
electronic controller and I want to buy an Autostar controller. Reading
your excellent page I found that the Autostar model that I have to buy
for my scope is the #495, but reading other comments I found that a #495
Autostar can be converted to a #497 flashing its rom memory.

My question is (since I cannot found any #495 on ebay) if I can convert
a #497 to #495 in order to be able to work with my DS114.

The previous owner of my telescope said to me that he tried to connect
an Autostar #497 and it didn't work.

I only want the telescope to be able to follow celestial objects
automatically, I'm not very interested in it finding everithing for me,
I may be interested in connect a handheld with Planetarium, but that's

Well, I hope not having boring you with this!
Thank you!!
Mike here: As you can see on Meade's AutoStar page (http://www.meade.com/support/auto.html), the #497 works with all DS models. Do you know why the previous owner said it didn't work?


Thanks for your response! 

I did note that reference in meade.com but I just don't know why he told
me that it didn't work, maybe he connected an older version of the #497
without updates or something... I will ask him again.

He told me that I would need a #495 too, so I wanted to be sure before
buying anything.

I think that the motors and controller installed in my mounting is the
#492 kit. If the #497 works fine with those motors, then I will buy a

Anyway, I will ask him again and wait for his response about this.

Thank you!



Well, I got the previous owner's answer. He said that he have another
mounting with a #497 Autostar that goes ok, but that controller
connected to the DS-114 only respond to the directional key commands
(up, down, right, left). When he tried a "go to" order it does nothing,
the telescope doesn't move.

He doesn't know if his #497 does not recognise the DS-114 nor he know if
this controller got a bios upgrade.

Do I try to buy a #497 and hope that do it fine?

Thank you Mike!

Mike here: If you get a new AutoStar #497 I suspect it will work fine with any DS model, as Meade says.


I will buy a #497 and let you know how it worked!
Thank you for your help!!!

Subject:	Problem with auto leveling on DS-2130ATS
Sent:	Wednesday, March 5, 2008 08:15:31
From:	Stan (ssiebenthal@cox.net)
When I try to use the automatic leveling feature, the scope slews down
until it strikes the mount. It used to work fine.  Have I done something
terrible to this instrument?
Stan S
Mike here: Have you recently replaced the batteries? If so, or even if not, have you done a CALIBRATE MOTOR and TRAIN DRIVES? Doing the CALIBRATE MOTOR is necessary whenever changing the power source or replacing batteries or if the batteries get low and no replacements are immediately available.


Thanks for your prompt reply!  I tried fresh batteries, ran CALIBRATE
MOTOR, and TRAIN DRIVES.  Unfortunately, the scope still crashes into
the mount whhile rapidlt moving down seeking level.  North works fine
and, in a beginner's effort to solve the problen, I upgraded tp an
AutoStar #497.  No help, but now I've lost the use of the red dot star
finder also.  All other functions work somewhat better.
Stan S
Mike here: Try reversing the AutoStar cable now that you have a #497 AutoStar. Also, check the condition of the pins in the jacks and connectors; they should not be dirty, too depressed, or bent sideways. As to the red-dot, does it appear in the MODE menu on the AutoStar?


We're getting closer.  I found some very dirty contacts on a NEW 497. 
I'm checking and cleaning -- very tedious.  Meanwhile, I can find
nothing relating to SmartFinder on this AutoStar.  I notice some models
of the ETX use SmartFinder and the 497.  Is that a clue?
Mike here: If the AutoStar does not "see" the Smartfinder then the option to control it will not appear in the MODE display. There are some troubleshooting article on the LNT/Smartfinder on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page. Most of these apply to the ETX PE model but some of the information may be useful to the DS LNT.
Subject:	Adding an AUX jack to a 4504 or DS114
Sent:	Friday, February 29, 2008 12:07:08
From:	Harry Fleming (harry.fleming@tesco.net)
For my sins I've got an ETX 125 EC on a modified 4504 mount (so the
motors dont collide when it goes round the clock ) and I've been trying
to drive it from my computer. I built the AUX port as described the tech
tips by richard seymour and checked out the connections rigorously but
still no joy. I think I'm managing to talk to the #506 box. I'm not very
familiar with the AT commend set. Command ATE1 produces an OK then echos
but ATI5 seems to give me info about the port or #506 rather than the
scope. I've downloaded the LX 200 command set but they seem to come back
error. ACP wont connect at all, at first it said no scope connected now
it hangs (but my version is quite old). Any ideas ?

Harry Fleming 
Mike here: I'll let our resident AutoStar expert, Dick Seymour, tackle that one.
From:	richard seymour (rseymour@wolfenet.com)
The "AT" command set has **nothing** to do with an Autostar.
(the AT command set was for talking to telephone modems,
not telescopes... you're speaking German to a Swahili system...)

>> Command ATE1 produces an OK then echos 

By that, I believe you're really talking to your PC's modem,
not the Autostar.  "OK" is not a valid response to -any- Autostar command.
If you're talking to "COM 3", that's frequently assigned as the
built-in modem port...

>> but ATI5 seems to give me info about the port or #506 
>> rather than the scope.
>> I've downloaded the LX 200 command set but they seem to come back 
>> error. ACP wont connect
>> at all, at first it said no scope connected now it hangs (but my 
>> version is quite old). Any ideas ?

Step one, follow the tests in:
(i don't know if a 494 emits the "X" at power-up.
Autostar II's (on an LX200gps) do not, Autostar 497's do)

Step-before-one ... try to determine the COM port you -should-
be talking to.  If you have a USB to serial adapter, either
use its configuration program, or drill through the Windows Device
Manager screens to figure that out.

those are the first steps...

good luck

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