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Mike here: Although the new Meade ETX-LS telescope is not yet available from Meade, this feedback page allows current and prospector ETX owners to chime in on their thoughts about the new model. If you don't already know about the ETX-LS, check out these web sites:

Oceanside Photo and Telescope

Mike here: So I was looking at the ETX-LS ad in the May 2009 issue of Sky & Telescope and as I studied the telescope, I came to a surprising realization. For several decades, the Questar 3" telescope held the crown as the most beautiful telescope. Then Meade (in my humble opinion) took that crown away from Questar with the ETX Astro Telescope. And the ETX Astro (also known as the ETX Model M and ETX-90RA) still holds the crown (IMHO). Like the original ETX, even the later model ETX telescopes were something that owners proudly had on display in their living rooms (when not in use). The ETX-LS, while it may well turn out to be a highly functional and fun telescope, does not appear to be a telescope that you will put on display inside your house. Of course, telescopes, like computers, are generally intended to be functional but not beautiful as well. (That is, unless it is a computer from Apple Inc., a company which has been very successful merging form and function.) The ETX-LS seen in the ad reminded me of a beige boxey tower computer. I could be wrong about this and I look forward to reports from those who have actually seen one.
Subject:	Meade ETX-LS telescope
Sent:	Sunday, March 22, 2009 19:12:48
From:	Louis Welke (
You have always given me good advice and so I am asking you What do you
think about Optcorp's program of preordering the ETX-LS with zero money
down but when I proceed with this I then get a area where they want my
credit card number this to me doesn't seem to be (zero money down) Is it
possible to get a place in line and then when asked I could proceed with
placing the complete order when they begin shipping.

I have been a good customer of Optcorp and am on their rewards list.

Louis Welke
Mike here: I don't think they actually CHARGE your credit card until the order is actually shipped to you. If you are concerned, you can always call them and place the order over the phone.
Subject:	ETX-LS
Sent:	Tuesday, March 17, 2009 23:00:58
From:	Ken Winograd (
Just bought an issue of S&T Mag and saw that a new ETX-LS is coming
soon. (I know, you must have known about it for a year or so, but I'm
slow.) It sure looks like it has my name on it. My only current scope is
an Edmund AstroScan that mostly collects dust. I've always wanted a GOTO
scope, but was embarrassingly afraid that I'd buy it and never even be
able to get it aligned properly (both from my own ignorance, impatience,
and not so dark skies.) Anyway, now, click a button, and auto-align, I
like it! With GoTo, audio and video, and a SD card slot all ready to
go...sounds pretty darn enticing. This just might be the scope to get me
back in the observing mode.

So, got any inside poop, or first impressions from what you've heard,
read, etc????


CU Ken

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Mike here: It does look interesting. Since it is not yet shipping, it is not known how well it will work in the Auto Align from light polluted skies. I started a feedback page on it on my ETX Site back in December. Not much traffic yet but some items have been posted. I do know that OPT has some pre-orders on it.

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