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Last updated: 4 March 2010
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Subject:	Re: Meade #492 controller
Sent:	Sunday, February 28, 2010 21:35:18
From:	richard seymour (
OK, i'm confused...

Is the "492" the hand controller with -no- LCD display?

If so, mine was destroyed when my ETX-90 cut a wire internally back in
2001 or 2002.

So i have no recent experience with using the beastie.

"492" and "493" were -kits- of motors and a controller (either the "EC"
hand controller, or the 495 Autostar (full numeric keypad))... but i
could never keep straight which was which.  (and someone recently posted
elsewhere discussing a "492" with an Autostar).

If it was an -old- ETX-60, i would have expected the EC controller to
work with it. But the 492 kit was for Alt/Az mounts (the DS- family of
scopes) and may operate differently than the "Polar-capable" EC that
came with the ETX-90-EC

good luck


I found another web site where a guy took the 492 and pulled the ICs out
and put in a slide switch so he could use it just for a focuser.  You
should see the bad soldering and the crappy job he did on the circuit
board.  I hope it worked for him.  Since Dick didn't remember what the
492 looked like I sent him this photo (attached) before the guy cut it



Mike here: Gee, it looks just like the standard EC handcontroller that originally shipped with the ETX-EC models.

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