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Subject:	ETX DS DSX Polar Align
Sent:	Friday, May 11, 2007 00:15:48
From:	Kelvin Obbard (kobbard@hotmail.com)
Since I last wrote (saying how wonderful the little ETX90RA was that I
had got) I have have bought a (very) cheap ETX125 OTA & an (equally
cheap) DS/DSX mount/tripod. I have made an adapter bracket to fit the
OTA to the mount and all is well.

However; I have one big, thorny question.

I know that the DS/DSX 'scope/tripods cannot be Polar Aligned a) because
the mount/tripod arrangement physically cannot be set to Polar Align &
b) Autostart does not give Polar Align as an option if you select a
DS/DSX scope.

What I want to know is: If I I adapt my 884 tripod to take the DS/DSX
mount (fairly easy) The scope could then be placed in the Polar Align
position. So that just leaves the Autostar problem. Could I not simply
select a different scope in Autostar (say an ETX125) that DOES allow
polar alignment?

From what I have read elswhere the ETX & DS/DSX have the same gearing -
so surely the above arrangement should work - or am I missing a BIG

Obviously the DS/DSX mount is a single arm - rather than the ETX double
armed fork - so I gues it would rather less stable. But does this mean
that a single arm cannotcope with being Polar Aligned?
Mike here: I don't have a DS/DSX to confirm it but I suspect it should work with the ETX model selected (assuming that mount even shows up). And stability could be an issue as there could be more vibration.


Thanks for that Mike.
I mainly wanted reassurance that I am not missing something obvious. I
will give it a go & let you know how it goes!
Kelvin Obbard

Subject:	DSX-90AT Star Halos
Sent:	Friday, May 11, 2007 04:37:08
From:	bfowler1@juno.com (bfowler1@juno.com)
You were correct, the halos were a result of incorrect focusing.  Not
sure if you know much about the DSX-90AT, but it seems to have a poor
mount resulting in a fair amount of vibration.


Subject:	RE: New DSX-90AT Star Halos
Sent:	Tuesday, May 8, 2007 06:39:14
From:	William Fowler (wfowler@travantipharma.com)
Tonight may provide a clear sky; I will see if I fell into the trap you
surmise (I think I probably did since the moon and Saturn quite clear
and well-resolved considering the Minneapolis lighting).  Thank you very


Subject:	New DSX-90AT Star Halos
Sent:	Monday, May 7, 2007 07:08:39
From:	William Fowler (wfowler@travantipharma.com)
Just purchased a DSX-90AT from Meade's factory outlet.  At the 2 powers
available to me (9, 26mm eyepieces) I cannot focus stars without
observing halos.  Is this a collimation problem?  What are your
Thank You,
Bill Fowler
Mike here: Just to be certain, when you focus on the stars they are pinpoints of light? When you focus on another celestial object like the Moon or a planet the focus is in the same position? I ask because a common new user mistake is to try to use the focus as a "zoom" and magnify star images, which won't magnify due to their distance.

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