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Subject:	A preliminary software review of Carte du Ciel
Sent:	Monday, May 12, 2008 23:28:24
From:	Driskell Family (
Carte du Ciel is a freeware astronomical planetarium program from France
that I have been using recently.  It is available in Windows format and
in English but I don't think it is available for Mac. It has many
extensive user options as planetarium programs go.  But it also has an
interface that seems compatible with ETX systems using Autostar.  I
connected my ETX-70 scope via the meade #506 cable with usb bridge cable
to my laptop running Carte du Ciel.  Just using an informal test run,
the program seems to have interfaced with the scope having no problems. 
I have not used it in an actual outdoor observation yet ( I am waiting
for warmer nights where I live here in central Oregon. It still gets
below freezing at night here!) but I will continue with this review of
compatibility shortly when I get an actual observation completed.

James S. Driskell

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