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Subject:	Help With DS 2080
Sent:	Friday, May 29, 2009 04:35:02
From:	Dr. Dinnys lmos (almos.dinnyes@gmail.com)
I own a DS 2080 Telescope, but I have two big problems with it: I bought
a meade LPI and a cable kit #506 for it.

1. Since I tried to update the autostar handbox, it doesn't start. When
I switch on the telescope I got the welcome message, then the display
goes blank. I cannot connect again either. What can I do???

2. The other problem is that the software version of the LPI and the
cable kit are not compatible with each other. The AutoStar Suite of the
LPI doesn't work with handbox #494, and the AutoStar Suite of the cable
kit is restricted, and I cannot start the imaging function for the LPI.
What is the solution?

Looking forward to you answer! Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,
lmos Dinnys
Mike here: You have problems. First, there is no user installable update for the #494. The AutoStar Update should not have even let you install any software. Second, as you noted, the AutoStar Suite software for the LPI requires a #497 AutoStar (and the #505, not #506, serial cable) for telescope control. At this point, you really need to get a #497 AutoStar to effectively use the LPI for imaging. There are other imaging solutions but they won't do all that the AutoStar Suite set does. Third, if your computer has only USB, you are using a USB-serial adapter with the serial cable. However, be aware that not all work reliably with the AutoStar; see the article "AutoStar and USB" on the Helpful Information: AutoStar Info page. Fourth, be aware of the AutoStar (#497) update warnings posted on the Announcements: Warnings! page.


thanks for your rapid answer.

I see that I have problems :( I cannot start the autostar. Is there any
way to make it working again? What do you suggest as next step?

I used USB to Serial converter. I could connect, I could download the
objects from the memory, than I tried to update the user data, and
finally upgrade. The PC said that it was ready, but on the Autostar was
display was still downloading. After cca. 20 minutes I restarted it, but
it doesn't work. Is there any hope?

Now I understand this LPI issue. Do you mean, that #497 works with DS

Best regards,
Mike here: Yes, the #497 AutoStar works fine with the DS models. Shutting down the AutoStar while "downloading" is displayed on the AutoStar (any model) is a sure way to corrupt (unfortunately) an AutoStar's ROM. There is a solution to that for the #497 but not the #494. You can try the tip in the article "AutoStar RESET from Software" on the AutoStar Info page but it probably won't work. If you want to replace the #494 with another #494, you'll have to contact Meade (or buy a new one).



I tried the soft reset already, but without success :(
I'll contact Meade.

Best regards,
Mike here: For future reference, the normal time for the update (of the #497) to complete is 26-30 minutes when using the Meade AutoStar Update Application (Windows) or AutoStarX (for Mac OS X). When using StarPatch (Windows, from www.stargps.ca), the #497 update time is much shorter.
Subject:	Re: Need info to mount DSX-125 on LXD-75 (UPDATE)
Sent:	Friday, May 8, 2009 13:37:24
From:	Krishnadas Kootale (ckkrish@gmail.com)
This is an update on the request below, as promised.
I was unable to find a pair of rings that will fit the DSX-125 OTA.  It
appeared that Vixen SX Dovetail Tube Plate Adapter listed on amazon.com
and sold by Adorama for $20 was worth a try, as the holes seemed to be
at exactly the same distance as the holes on the plate at the bottom of
the OTA and I figured I can mount it on the plate without any rings. 
Unfrotuately, the holes on the dovetail were not an exact aligned for
the mounting screws to pass. So that was a $20 lesson. My search
continued and eventually landed on a dovetail sold by scopestuff.com
(item number EQDT and costs $39). It has elongated holes so that the
there is flexibility to adjust the screw positions to exactly match the
holes on the OTA base. Mounts perfectly on the saddle of LXD-75 and
looks secure enough.

Thanks again for your lightning fast responses, and for this great site!
Best regards,

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