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Subject:	OTA removal
Sent:	Sunday, November 4, 2007 12:57:33
From:	richard seymour (
Quoting George Cushing from the ETXASTRO Yahoo group:
...the most heart-in-throat part is the
removal and refitting of the optical tube. After removing the four
saddle screws I work on one saddle to pry the rear end away from the
rear cell. The screw seats extend into sockets in the cell. Once they
are pryed clear I cock the tube back on that side then pry up the other
saddle and move the whole tube out rearwards.

At the front of the rear cell you will see a locating tab on each side
(9 and 3 o'clock). When refitting care has to be taken to line these up
with the front of the saddle plates before reseating the screw seats
into their sockets in the cell. They usually reseat with a
satisfying "click". after that you should check the front of the saddle
at the front of the rear cell. There should be a good close fit with no
gap. If there's a gap on one saddle pry the plate away from the rear
and cock the tube back on that side and try to line the tab up again.
There's no need to pull the whole thing off. Good luck!

I have done my ETX90 a couple of times, and i agree that your
heart will stop when the first side plate releases with a loud CRACK.
.. but it survived.

good luck
From:	Tom Zalmstra (
Mike and Dick,

After Dicks "reassuring" words I dared to try your method. It worked.
Thanks a lot,


Subject:	how to disassemble my ETX105 OTA from its fork mount
Sent:	Thursday, November 1, 2007 13:17:11
From:	Tom Zalmstra (
I own an ETX105. Like many others I am not satisfied with the mechanical
quality of the mount and very satisfied with the optical quality of my
scope. I have a  Vixen Super polaris mount and I want to put my ETX 105
OTA on the Vixen SP. First step ofcourse is to take the ETX105 of it's
mount. Can you help me and describe how this is done, without ruining
the mount? I have searched your great website but can't find the answer.
I know there are others that have done this before. I suppose there are
some photo's available to help me?
Tom Zalmstra, The Netherlands
Mike here: My ETX-105 is packed up for a pending move so I can't check to be certain but I assume there are four screws, two on either of the OTA at the rear that connect to the Tube Adapters attached to the fork arms. You can see some photos near the bottom of this page: Just remove the screws and pop the tube adapters off.


Thanks, Mike for your fast response.
I did remove the screws but I can't pop the tube adapters off. I found
some warnings on your site that the ETX105 is different from the ETX90
mechanically and that removing the OTA from an ETX105 is difficult:
Can you confirm this? Do you think that the method described in that
link is correct? If true, I think I will not try it.  It does not sound
reassuring ;-(

Mike here: It sounds like he had to remove the adapters from the forks. I don't know if that is true on all 105 models. Mine is packed so I can't check. But if there are the four screws on the side of the OTA then with some work, taking care to not break the small tab on the adapters, I would think it would come off.

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