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Subject:	Star Alignment problem
Sent:	Monday, November 12, 2007 08:52:04
From: (
Timothy Wood's star alignment problem, with his ETX 60 at, may be caused
by him mistakenly using a 4mm eyepiece thinking it is a low power eye
Forrest lundberg

Subject:	Re: Star alignment
Sent:	Sunday, November 4, 2007 13:57:14
From:	Timothy Wood (
I enter in all the information upon request, zip, time, daylight
savings, etc then put the telescope in the home position by making the
verticle alignment at 0 (and when the alignment is at 0 the scope points
up slightly, not horizontal to the horizon) then I use a compass to
point north and set the scope 2.5 degrees off (which is the amount of
correction for due north from magnetic north in my area). I have the
scope with the lowest mag. Lens it came with (the 4mm) and it slews to
the area of the star. It points in the direction of the star but I can't
find it in the lens. I can't use the arrows to move the scope, it
doesn't move. I can't seem to find it using the goto spiral search
Mike here: See the FAQ page for a misaligned Azimuth scale reading. Although even just eyeballing the level is usually sufficient. You might try doing a CALIBRATE MOTOR and then TRAIN DRIVES. You didn't say whether or not you have increased the slewing speed; it could be that the telescope IS slewing when you want to center the alignment stars but it is moving SLOWLY.


Ok, I realigned the azimuth and fixed the problem with the slow speed
after slewing....I still canot get it to find a damn thing. It slews in
the general vacinity of vega each time but I search and search and
cannot find vega... I've tried doing it manually and with the goto
Mike here: Forget the SPIRAL SEARCH until after you complete the alignment. So, lets back up to the alignment steps; how far off is the first alignment star?


I don't know how far because it doesn't have a finder that I can look
through and see which direction I need to point the scope. It seems to
be relatively close though.
Mike here: Your fist likely spans 10-15 degrees. Is it more or less than that? The more accurate your HOME position and date/time/location entries, the more accurate the initial slewing to the first (and second) alignment stars will be. Since you say it is "relatively close" I assume you might just need to practice centering the telescope on a star. Once you get the hang of it, it will be relatively easy. If you feel you need to add a finderscope, you could add one on.
Subject:	Star alignment
Sent:	Saturday, November 3, 2007 19:37:19
From:	Timothy Wood (
I have a meade 60at and have read nearly every tutorial about this thing
and it is frustrating me beyond belief. I follow all the directions and
the scope slews to the first star but it is not in the field of view
through the eye piece. The instructions say use the arrows to move the
scope horizontally and vertically but when I try, it doesn't move. So I
try to use the goto option to spiral search for it but the star never
comes into view. I am very frustrated and need some help!
Timothy Wood
Mike here: First, describe how you are setting up the telescope. That way I may be able to determine if you are doing something wrong. Second, have you tried changing the slew speed to a faster setting?

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