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Subject:	DS 90 Focuser tube
Sent:	Sunday, November 9, 2008 18:50:28
From:	Clyde Witt (cewitt@alltel.net)
I have a problem with my Meade DS 90. Some how, mysteriously, the scope
fell over all by itself. My six-year-old grandson says he had no idea of
how it could have happened. Anyway, when it fell, the focuser knob hit a
chair on the way down and sheared the teeth from the focuser tube track.
(I'm only guessing that I'm using the right terminology.) It appears
these teeth are plastic and it knocked out a 3/4 inch section so that
the rack looks like a hockey player grinning at the camera. So now I
have a "dead" spot when trying to focus.

I've searched everywhere for a replacement focusing tube. Meade was of
no help since they no longer make the scope. I thought it was worth a
few electrons to see if you knew of anyone who might be selling old
parts, etc. I took the tube to a local machine shop, thinking I could
have a new track machined. The guy said making the track might be
possible, getting the old one off is another issue. It appears to be
heat-bonded to the tube.

I've attached a picture to give you a feel for the problem. Any help or
suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance,

Clyde Witt
Mike here: Ouch. You can try Telescope Warehouse (link on the Astronomy Links page). If he doesn't have one you will probably have to change focusing methods. You might be able to attach a different style focuser.


I was in contact with William Vorce out there at Telescope Warehouse. He
couldn't help me either. I was hoping someone  looking at your site
might have a spare. I saw someone (guy named Tony) looking for an old
diagonal for a DS 90 and I have one. I upgraded mine to use 1.25
eyepieces and have that old one here someplace. I sent him an e-mail if
he's still in need--I'll give it to him for the postage. Maybe I'll get
lucky if you post it.

Thanks. I enjoy the Web site and have picked up a number of great tips.

Mike here: We'll see what responses come in after I post your message.


Thanks Mike, I appreciate it. I have my eye on a DS 90 running on eBay.
I might buy it for spare parts and solve my problem--current and future!
I seem to recall doing that with a 1964 VW I had about  30+ years ago...


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