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Subject:	DSI network
Sent:	Saturday, November 22, 2008 03:57:49
From:	Jan Henrik Kolst (
I've been using the Dsi for some time now and it works fine.So far I can
operate the movement of the telescope(up-down-left-right)to put the
object in the middle of the screen by using the Autostar Suite program
and bluetooth instead of a wire.

Can anybody tell me step by step how to make the Dsi work on a
network.Do I perhaps already have one?

It says in an article in S&T that if you have a home network and two
computers (one located near the telescope)you can run the entire system
from anywhere on the network.

Does anybody have such an installation in use? If so, I'm very pleased
if this person could explain to me step by step how to set it up and how
to use it.

The reason for wanting such a system is the cold evenings in Norway and
when taking images I'd hope to sit inside my warm house. Perhaps this is
impossible , but who knows......
I do have a MS home which I use to get to a printer in another room.

Mike here: If you have a computer at the telescope with AutoStar Suite running and the AutoStar and DSI connected to that computer, you can control that computer remotely and see what's on its screen over your network, wireless or wired. I use Mac OS X screen sharing to do this on my Macs. I don't know if Windows has a similar capability but if not, you can use VNC server and client applications (available for Mac OS X, Unix, Linux, and Windows). There are free and commercial versions.


Thanks a lot for your rapid response! I just got an e mail telling me to
use Netmeeting on Windows XP.It's already on the computer.I haven't
tried yet, but if it doesn't work I'II try VNC.

Today it's snow and ice outside,but I'm soon behind the telescope during
the evening and night.

Our astroclub had a very nice respond in our local newspaper covering 6
pages ,pictures included.That's some marketing for a small club
consisting of about 15 people in our small town/village consisting of 30
000.We were astonished!!!

Have a nice weekend and good luck with the new house! It looks very nice
and large.

Mike here: Oh yeah, NetMeeting. I recall being forced to use that when a PC was forced on me a couple of years before I retired. And thanks; it will be even nicer when the work starts on the observatory location!


I just tried the program Netmeeting and it worked fine.Looking forward
to warm evenings by the "scope" during the winter..

Perhaps the program you mentioned VNC is better. Have you tried it?
Mike here: Never used any of the VNC applications in Windows. Only in Mac OS X.

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