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Last updated: 4 November 2009
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Subject:	Autostar comms
Sent:	Monday, November 2, 2009 03:27:23
From:	Clyde Foster (
I came across your contact details whilst doing a search, but don't know
if you are still supplying support for Autostar. If not, I apologies for
bothering you, and if you are aware of any other support sites, would
really appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.

I have a new 12"LX200 ACP GPS. I have it connected to my laptop(running
Window XP Pro 2002) via a serial  to USB adaptor. I do not have any
problem with operating from the remote handbox(com 9), but cannot get it
to connect via comms port, so i am unable to use the "synch to scope"
capability of the starmap. When i try to "connect via comms port" i get
an immediate error message saying the it cannot connect via COMM port 1.
Any ideas or suggestions?

One other question: when i am running the LPI, I am doing so whilst
connected through the remote handbox as mentioned above. If i impliment
the tracking box on the live view, will this result in tracking
adjustments and if so, how is it communicating back to the scope?(I
assume via the same comm. Port 9 that the remote handbox is using?)
Thanks in anticipation!
Clyde (Foster)
Mike here: I don't current provide direct support for the AutoStar II model. But if you are asking about the AutoStar Suite, which is sounds like where your problem is, then I may be able to assist you. Have you enabled the Network Protocol in the AutoStar Suite?


Yes, I am using the Autostar suite.

I have not specifically enabled the Network Protocol, so i don't know if
it is enabled or not. Can you tell me where to do this? As indicated i
am connecting from the RS232 serial connector via a USB and not via a
network. Should i still enable the Network Protocol to get the "connect
via comm. Port" to work?

Thanks and regards

Mike here: In order for the multple applications that make up the AutoStar Suite to use the same serial port physical connection to the telescope, you need to enable the Network Protocol. There are some articles on that on the Helpful Information: AutoStar Info page on my ETX Site. Check those.


Will try it , Mike

Thanks again- on a steep learning curve here, but i have the feeling it
is all going to be worth it!

Best regards

Mike here: Yep, steep learning curve but definitely will be worth the effort that the Windows app requires.

And an update:

Got everything working after having a look at a few of your articles, and
getting the network protocol sorted! Thanks a mil- am blown away by what
this lot can do.

Best regards

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