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Subject:	Meade DS
Sent:	Sunday, October 28, 2007 15:08:29
From:	Brian Jordan (brianman2@gmail.com)
I hope you can help.

I have a meade ds series (not sure model number, purchased at discovery
channel store 2 years ago) The plastic barrel that the lens holder screw
into has a plastic??!! gear that that my 3 year old son managed to strip

I cannot find the replacement part anywhere.

Do you know where I can look?
Mike here: I'll assume you are talking about the eyepiece holder screw. See the FAQ page for info. Some people have used the small bolt that is on the plug for serial, SCSI, and some other computer cable connectors. I don't have a DS model so I don't know if it uses a standard size screw or a different one. Also, check Scopestuff (http://www.scopestuff.com/ss_scr1.htm).


Thanks for your fast reply!
The eypiece holder screws onto a chrome looking round plastic tube.  On
the outside of this tube is a strip that the focuser gear turns.  That
strip of teeth is what is stripped.
Does that make any sense? 
Thanks again,
Mike here: That is a different scale problem. You could still try Scopestuff. Alternatively, contact Meade directly for a replacement; they may or may not send you one.


Thanks, you've been a huge help.
If I knew the name of the piece it would be much easier.
I guess it's the focuser gear or something.
I'll check the site you sent.
Thanks again,
Mike here: I believe you are talking about a gear for the "rack and pinion" focuser.
Subject:	re: Meade Telescope part needed.
Sent:	Sunday, October 28, 2007 08:36:42
From:	richard seymour (rseymour@wolfenet.com)
Another possible source of parts is the membership of this Yahoo group:

The 114EQ-DH4 and the 4504 are 99.95% the -same- pile of hardware,
so anyone with a spare counterweight arm would be a source.

Your husband may also enjoy learning of that group-of-friends
resource, too.

good luck

Subject:	Meade Telescope part needed.
Sent:	Wednesday, October 24, 2007 15:34:47
From:	kim speaks (kspeaks@hotmail.com)
My grandson knocked over my husbands telescope and broke the weighted
arm off. This is a VERY BAD THING. I need to get a replacement part. Can
you please tell me where Ican get a replacement part.

Kim Speaks
Mike here: Well, you didn't say what model telescope but try Meade (for some replacements parts) or Telescope Warehouse (link on the Astronomy Links page on my ETX Site).


Thanks, Bad news is it is a bit older Meade Digital electronic
114EQ-DH4. I will check the other sites. If you have any more ideas
please let me know.
Mike here: You could try AstroMart.com as well.

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