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Subject:	Ioptron "CUBE" upgrade to an ETX90RA
Sent:	Wednesday, October 1, 2008 10:56:10
From:	Chris Fontaine (
Mike, First let me say thanks for the site...I have used many a tip from

I was looking for a way to give my ETX90 a "facelift" and give it GOTO
capability. Don't get me wrong, I love to star-hop, but sometimes I just
don't have the time to hunt, plus I have 2 small children and would like
to give them as much "eyepiece time" as possible.

I toyed with the idea of using a Meade DS mount to do the job....then I
came upon an ad for a pre-owned iOptron SmartStar-E GoTo Alt-Az Mount -
the "Cube".

The mount was as easy as pie, just purchased a dovetail mount, undid the
4 fork mounting bolts on the 90 OTA, bolted the OTA to the dovetail at
the tripod mount below...and BOOM....GOTO.

The sky was a bit cloudy last evening, so I was limited...what I did
notice was a huge improvement in tracking compared to an ETX60 that I

The tripod is solid, provided that you mount the eyepiece tray
correctly...All in all...Excellent.

This morning I did some solar tracking :


What is truly nice - once you pass the warning (like mine above), is
that the mount goes into solar tracking mode (does the same for lunar

My initial impression is a good 9/10 for user interaction, and

I am now on the hunt for a way to connect the mount to my MacBook
running StarryNight Pro 5.8.2....stay tuned.

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