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Subject:	Problems with DS-114 barlow (not the same as others I've seen on the site)
Sent:	Sunday, October 5, 2008 21:15:04
From:	RayHayes2@aol.com (RayHayes2@aol.com)
I have a DS-114 which is 114mm aperture, 910 mm focal length and is f/8.
It came with a 3x barlow lens.  As I calculate it, I should be able to
use the 3x barlow with the 25 mm eyepiece.  However I cannot focus. 
When I first put on the barlow with 25 mm eyepiece, the image is very
large and blurry and I can see the central obstruction very clearly. 
When I try to focus, as the barlow and eyepiece get closer to the scope
the image gets smaller.  However, when the focuser hits the end of its
range and stops, the image is still quite large and blurry.  Usually
when focusing without the barlow the image is large and blurry then when
I focus it gets smaller until it is in focus and if I continue it goes
out of focus and gets large again.

With the barlow I cannot even get the image to its smallest point to try
to focus.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Should I expect a
response in an email or do I need to look for it on the site?
Ray Hayes II
Mike here: Not all Barlow Lens styles work with all telescopes. Although I don't have a DS telescope to check, I suspect that the DS telescopes (like the ETX models) need a "shorty" style Barlow Lens to allow focusing.


Thank you so much for the quick response.  I just realized that the
barlow that it has goes much further into the scope that I had been
pushing it because I was used to the barlow with a refractor that I
have.  Thanks again.

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