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Last updated: 19 October 2009
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Subject:	re: AstroFinder/#494 Autostar compatibility with Windows 7
Sent:	Saturday, October 17, 2009 11:23:18
From:	richard seymour (

The 506 adapter -looks- like a serial port to the computer.

I don't know what USB-to-serial adapter you're using.
If it's a Keyspan, their Vista driver should work with Windows 7.

You also didn't mention if you're using 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7.
That also drastically affects driver compatibility.

Meade's own (newest) drivers -do- work under 32 bit Vista,
(with the exception of the LPI camera driver.  The DSI driver does work)
so they -should- work under 32-bit Windows 7

Please try it and see.... (i'll eventually cobble together a 32 bit W7 system
and try it myself, but at the moment you're "bleeding edge")

have fun

Subject:	Autostar Suite Update
Sent:	Saturday, October 10, 2009 15:26:37
From:	Eugene Lanning (
I have Autostar (version 3.18) running on a computer, not in the
telescope (8" LX200).  I want to update the asteroid orbital elements to
the current values.  I have successfully downloaded the new elements in
the correct .txt format from the Minor Planet Center.  However, I have
not found how to get the new elements imported into AutoStar so that the
RA & Decl. positions are updated.   The Meade web site is not much help.

Anyone have experience with that?

problem I have is that the position of Vesta is off by a bit over 10
arc-minutes, nearly my FOV.  I want to find out how to update the
elements in version I have.  I did find the text library of asteroid
elements, but it is not in the same format as the MPC elements.  Does
the Updater also make the conversions??
Mike here: Since AutoStar Suite is Windows-only, I don't use it. Perhaps someone will be able to help. Also, there is a new version 5.5 on Meade's web site.




Figured out how to do it.
Mike here: Care to share it?


Sure, will wrap it up and then share the notes I want to make for the
next time.  Back in a few days.

Subject:	AstroFinder/#494 Autostar compatibility with Windows 7
Sent:	Friday, October 9, 2009 00:22:49
From:	Ron Harries (
I am hoping to use my Vista Laptop,  updated with Windows 7 Home
Premium, with Meade's #506 AstroFinder  and #494 Autostar. This will be
with my EXT 80 AT telescope. Do you know yet if Meade will be updating
their driver and software for W7 HE. I'm very sure that it will work
with their top W7 Ultimate edition because it has a XP emulator.
However, that is another $250 for me.

Salmon Arm, BC
Mike here: Haven't heard yet about Meade updating any of the software for Windows 7. But given that it is supposedly better than Vista, I would expect they will eventually.


I just got off the phone to Meade. At this time they have heard nothing
from their management that would indicate they are going to make
upgrades to AstroStar and other softwares for Windows 7. So, as they
didn't upgrade for Vista, they are now two Windows operating systems
back. In other words, where I live, small town Canada, you cannot buy a
laptop that will operate there star finder or imager programs. I am
hoping that your website may have the ability to lobby Meade to bring
about changes.

The person I talked to at Meade sait that they have received a number of
calls about the problem and that "Management" is aware. So, a little
push may be what is needed.

Ron Harries
Salmon Arm, BC

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