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Subject:	DS series mount dec question
Sent:	Friday, September 18, 2009 04:25:28
From:	D. G. McAllister (dmcallister001@centurytel.net)
Just a follow up to my email of 9-14-09:  Reviewed your suggested tech
tips and although not specific to my problem and mount type they were of
considerable help.  Thanks. I rescued this scope from a pawn shop and
know little of its pedigree.  After talking with Meade CS I believe it
to be a DS 2114 AT.  I disassembled the dec head and found that the
three point metal clutch pressure plate had begun a wear pattern against
the nylon dec gear.  I disassembled the dec drive unit and inserted a
neoprene washer (from Home Depot) between the gear and pressure plate. 
This has given the clutch better traction when engaging the dec gear and
a more positive lockup.  Simple repair to a perplexing problem resulting
from poor design combined with operator error.  Believe this is a result
of running the scope against the limit stops and allowing it to slip
excessively.  When testing, the neoprene washer still allows slip
against obstruction (which should be) but has reduced the slip I was
noticing when changing direction to an acceptable degree.  The remaining
slip is, I believe, due to a combination of gear and clutch mechanism
backlash.  Please advise your readers they can contact me for a more
details on the disassembly/reassembly procedure or if you would like to
post it I can write something up for you.
Regards and Clear Skies
Dave McAllister
"Better to parish in the unknown, than live the drudgery of familiarity" DGM
Olde Skol Astronomy
Mike here: Sounds like a good solution. I'll be happy to post a full writeup, with photos if you have them.
Subject:	DS series mount dec question.
Sent:	Monday, September 14, 2009 07:09:14
From:	stargeek@att.blackberry.net (stargeek@att.blackberry.net)
Acquired a DS 2114 with what appears to me the 497 auto star.  My plan
is to covert it for solar work with my PST.  My first look reveals what
I feel to be excessive sloppiness in the dec drive.  Really tightening
down on the clutch eliminates most of it. So I am leaning towards a
clutch problem.  Wondering whether you or any of your readers have
experienced similar probs .  I own an LX-90 and am familiar with the
Peterson clutch mods and thinking of going that way with this. Would
appreciate any and all feedback before I tear into it.  Thanks in
advance for your time, effort and help.
Regards Dave
Mike here: You might want to see the article "DS Models Altitude Axis fixes" and "DS-2130 Altitude Axis Fix" on the Helpful Information: Telescope Tech Tips page.
Subject:	DS 2000
Sent:	Sunday, September 13, 2009 18:47:02
From:	Bill Dickey (dickeywp1@aol.com)
I hope you still offer some assistance in using a DS 2000. My Co. gave
me one when I retired.

I plan to get out and set it up soon. Are you available via e-mail in
case I run into questions, which I am sure I will?
Julian, NC
Mike here: I'll be happy to help, if I can. I don't have a DS telescope though. Feel free to check the various ETX Site for DS feedback and tips, and don't forget the "search" feature.
Subject:	DSX-2102 MAK and #494 Autostar : changing the Autostar
Sent:	Wednesday, September 9, 2009 14:08:35
From:	Benot REHAULT (brehault@free.fr)
do you know if it is possible to change my #494 Autostar paddle for a
more recent  one (#497 for instance) ?

My Mount is the single-arm motorized alt-az coming with the DSX-2102
from Meade

Regards from France
Mike here: Hadn't heard of a DSX-2102 model but the #497 AutoStar will work with the DSX mount. It also works with DS mounts.


many thanks for your very quick answer.

You are doing a very nice and usefull job



Subject:	Re: Help With DS 2080
Sent:	Tuesday, September 1, 2009 11:52:04
From:	Dr. Dinnys lmos (almos.dinnyes@gmail.com)
I took quite a lot time from here Europe, but finally Meade replaced the
#494 handbox. :) So I postponed to upgrade to #497

Can you give me some practical hints howto to use it with USB and the

I can connect and move the DS 2080 telescope with AutoStarCtrl.exe but I
cannot connect with the autostar. The error message is: "Communications
Not Established! Opening Comm. Port without a protocol"
With the AutoStarCtrl.exe I can connect: I only have to enter the port
configured in the device manager for the USB converter. The telescope
can be moved, but that's all. I cannot change the speed or enter the

I am also not sure which Autostar Version shall I use: I have a limited
edition (this came with the telescope), an Autostar 0.18 version (this
was with the LPI) and I have a 0.19 version (that came with the #506

Thanks in advance!

  Üdvözlettel/Best regards/Mit freundlichen Grssen:

       Dr. DINNYÉS lmos
Mike here: First, the AutoStar Suite software (from the LPI) works only with the #497 AutoStar, not the #494. So telescope likely won't work. However, there are other apps that will control the #494 (such as Voyager, Astroplanner, and ScopeDriver and many others). You can check the AutoStar software version number in the Utilities: Statistics menu on the AutoStar. But there is no user-installable update for the #494 AutoStar (there are for the #497).

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